Look out for 'MATES RATES' group discounts on our Beginner Course!

Yoga Points – Earn discounts on your yoga classes

Earn Loyalty Points and save money on classes and courses

Flametree offers a loyalty scheme. It’s based on points, and every point is worth a dollar.

First, when you buy a ten pass you can earn 25 points towards the yoga purchases mentioned below.

Second, when you use this page to refer a friend to buy a beginner yoga course, you get 42 yoga points – the equivalent of $42. So if you encourage 4 friends to sign up, that’s $168 for you to spend yoga classes!

Yoga PointsLook out for the yoga points icon when you are buying your pass.

Currently you automatically earn Yoga Points when you buy a 10 class pass. You will earn 25 Yoga Points every time you buy a 10 Class Pass – each Yoga Point you earn is worth $1 toward your next purchase. You can also earn 42 bonus Yoga Points whenever somebody you know signs up for a 6 week beginner class using the special referral link below.

For example, when you buy a 10 Class Pass, you’ll earn 25 Yoga Points. When you want to buy another, you can use your 25 points to get a $25 discount, or keep hold of your points until you can get an entire pass for free. It’s up to you how you use them!

How to recommend friends and colleagues to earn Yoga Points

You can earn 50 Yoga Points whenever somebody you know signs up for a 6 week beginner class using the special referral url below.

To earn points you can use the form below to send emails to your friends or work colleagues – make sure you keep the special website address in the email message. If you can’t see the form below, you must first register or login to your account.

If you’d rather contact your friends directly, or send them an invitation via Facebook or Twitter, on your account page you’ll see an option to generate your own referrer link.


There’s no limit to the amount of Yoga Points you can earn – the more you earn, the more money you save!

How do I redeem my points?

Your points are valid for 24 months. You can check your account balance at any time from your Account page. When you add items to your cart, you will get the option to redeem your points before you checkout.

Right now, you can use your Yoga points to buy, or apply a discount to: