Boxing Day Sale. Flametree Yoga Before & After Christmas Sale 2024.

Early Xmas Sale For Meditation & Yoga, Starting NOW.

Deals For New, Lapsed, & Current Beginners & Non-Beginners. Studio & Online Xmas Sales.

Flametree Yoga Boxing Day sale. Get big discounts at our Boxing Day sales for meditation & yoga. Below, in Flametree’s online Christmas New Year sale, see deals for beginners, lapsed students, and current students. It starts on a date to be set, and goes through Boxing day and New Years 2024, unless sold out. Check out the best yoga and meditation New Year’s and Christmas sale Australia has. Get early Xmas sale and New Year Eve deals for yourself or friends.

Deals Available Now

Below, click on the link to go direct to the savings you want, or scroll down.

Then, use the relevant discount code as you check out.

60% OFF 10-packs for new & 3 months lapsed beginners, OR non-beginners (who are also new or lapsed 3 mths). Limit of 2 each.

50% OFF yoga or meditation video courses, & a meditation 10-pack.

25% OFF weekly deals for ANY non-beginner, for 6 months (for any new debiters).

90% OFF your first weekend of teacher training, & 60% off the rest of Year One.

Alternatively, newcomers can scroll down and reserve a FREE yoga or meditation class at beginner or non-beginner level.

Please check out the Xmas sale, and find something for you, or get a gift and gift card for a loved one.

Beginners, Non-Beginners | Yoga, meditation, or teacher training

Click on the link to go direct to the section you want, or scroll down.

If you wish, use this DIY Gift Card with whatever you’ve bought as a gift.

Deals include LIVE online classes, and at 3 Darwin NT locations. Or see the video options.

All prices are in Australian dollars, or AUD. When you click to see details of a deal, see the top right of the page for different currencies.

For more details of each of the deals, click the relevant links.

For each package listed, when you reach the checkout page (via the “Add To Cart” button), use the appropriate discount code we have provided further down this page.

Benefits Of The Discounted Passes From Our Yoga Boxing Day Sale.

Christmas sale Australia

Check out the best yoga & meditation Christmas sale Australia has.

Beginners Yoga Boxing Day Sale | Starts on a date to be set.

Beginner 10 pack

  • 60% off a beginner 10 class pack for new students, and students lapsed 3 months. Now AUD$39.60 reduced from $99.

Beginner video course

Start anytime within 2 months of buying, and then get 3 months from then to use all 10 passes.

If you want the passes to start at any date other than when you buy them, just send us a note.

Flametree’s beginner yoga classes are easy, introductory yoga poses suitable for all ages, sizes, and genders.

The first picture below, doing the famous downward dog pose with a chair, is an example of an easy, beginner yoga pose.

To buy, click to the purchase page. Use discount code Christmas60 for the 60% deal. and Christmas50 for the 50% deal.

Special Offer: 2 introductory, discounted passes permitted

As an additional feature of this Boxing Day sale, can also buy a maximum of 2 passes of any particular type, including the non-beginner passes below.

For example, you can get 2 beginner 10 packs for yourself, and even two for others as well.

In non-sale times, only one introductory, discounted pass can be bought.

If you buy for others as well, just email us the name of the other person. (We’ll issue a pass in their name/s).

Flametree’s Before & After Christmas Sale 2024.

Yoga Boxing Day Sale. After Christmas Sales

Beginner yoga stretch using a chair as a yoga prop.  Read on to see why this is the best yoga and meditation Christmas sale Australia has.

NEW NON-Beginner yoga class deals. (CURRENT students, see the next section).

For those NEW to Flametree, or LAPSED for 3 months or more.

In non-sale times, lapsed students can only access this offer if they are lapsed for 6 months. So, don’t miss this generous offer to help you re-start your yoga journey.

Please remember that this offer is not for current students. Instead, CURRENT students can get great value via the offers in the next section.

By the way, all non-beginner 10 packs can be used for yoga or breath meditation classes, as listed in the timetable.

To buy, click to the purchase page. Use discount code Christmas60 for the 60% deal, Christmas50 for the 50% deal, and Christmas25Weekly for the 25% deal.

Flametree Yoga Boxing Day Sale. Starts NOW.

yoga cyber monday deals

Raj was just one of the many students to get almost miraculous back solutions at Flametree. Yoga’s been proven to help at least 117 conditions. Use these deals to start, or do more of it. Address your issues, or just get fit, healthy, & happy.

CURRENT or other NON-Beginners Pay-By-The-Week Deals

For any CURRENT student who’s not been on direct debit at least at some point during December 2024 (including totally new non-beginner students).

  • 25% OFF any of the non-beginner pay-by-the-week passes, for a total of 24 weeks (6 months). Use the code Christmas25Weekly at our prices page. (This offer is worth an average of over $260, depending on the package you choose). At the end of 6 months, the weekly payment reverts to normal. It can be paused or cancelled in the usual way. Before you choose it, please see the conditions in the next section.
  • If you’re not yet doing at least a fortnightly pranayama class, get 50% OFF the brand new breath meditation 10 pack, in-studio or online. Get 10 classes at just $7.50 per class.
  • 50% off the introductory 4-class meditation video course, (including 10 FREE LIVE classes). 

All pay-by-the-week passes can be used for yoga or breath meditation classes, as in the timetable.

So, to get any yoga class deal shown, click through to checkout, and use the appropriate discount codes.


These codes work for you right now. Plus, below, see more on how long they will work.

  • Christmas60 (for 10 packs new and lapsed beginners & non-beginners, above)
  • Chistmas50 (for yoga or meditation courses, & a meditation 10 pack. See more below)
  • Christmas25Weekly (for 25% off weekly deals for any non-beginner. See more above)
  • 90%OFF (for the first weekend of teacher training. See more below).

Flametree Yoga Boxing Day Sale. Starts NOW.

breathwork training retreat

Breath meditation using a chair (with the so-called Bumble Bee Breathing technique).

Details of pay-by-the-week discount

Here’s how the 25% off pay-by-the-week works.

  1. It only applies to those who have not been on pay-by-the-week at any point in the 3 months immediately before now.
  2. Any tricky practices, like cancelling now and re-starting, will not make you eligible for this deal.
  3. These new, lapsed or non-pay-by-the-week current students get 25% off pay-by-the-week packages for 6 months.
  4. Then, after 6 months, the weekly price reverts to the normal price automatically.
  5. Students can pause or cancel the weekly debits during the 6 mths, but the 6 mth period of discount keeps running, and expires 6 months after the date of purchase.
  6. If you cancel within 6 months, the 6 month discount period terminates altogether. If you re-start, you can’t get it back.
  7. The average discount across our 13 pay by the week packages is $260, but it will depend on the package you choose.
  8. The links to all the 13 pay-by-the-week packages you can choose among are on this prices page. But you can also see the most popular of these weekly packages at our list of passes.
  9. As mentioned, to get the discount, buy in the normal way. Then, at checkout, use the discount code Christmas25Weekly

Before & After Christmas Sale 2024.

At check out, just use the discount code.

cyber monday yoga deal

Don’t miss these fantastic yoga sale deals… online or at 3 Darwin locations. Online is also a great option for getting the most from the best yoga and meditation Christmas sale Australia has.

Meditation deals at our after Christmas sale

Anyone with about 3 months of yoga

Anyone who’s not been to a Flametree pranayama class in the last fortnight

All non-beginner passes can also be used for yoga or breath meditation classes, or both, as in the timetable.

To buy, click to the purchase page. Use discount code Christmas50 for the 50% deals.

Meditation & yoga Boxing Day sale NOW

Yoga Boxing Day Sale. & Christmas Sale Australia

Just some of the many benefits of pranayama (also known as breath meditation). By the way, to do it, you can sit in a chair, or lie down with supports you’ll learn about.

Why you get an extra 10 FREE meditation classes

Further down this page, you’ll see a infographic that summarises the many benefits of pranayama (also know as mindful meditation).

The reason we offer 10 free LIVE classes with the video course package, is that some people need the extra time to get into all the benefits. With practise, the benefits grow over time.

For example, a student recently said to me:

I never realised that all the different breathing techniques had such different effects on my mental state.

I find I need your help, and sufficient classes, to ease me into it.

If you’ve done nothing more than dabble with pranayama, then I suggest you get either or both of the course at 50% OFF, and the HALF price 10 pass. (Use the Christmas50 code).

If you’ve tried pranayama, and it hasn’t worked for you, then you’re either not doing it correctly, or you just haven’t given it enough time.

Even both the course and the 10 pack will cost you just AUD$99.50. That means you get a total of 24 classes at just $4.15 each (even if you only watch each video once).

And 20 of the classes are LIVE, in-studio or online, with me. I (Chris Lalor), am a fully accredited Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher, with 30 years of experience.

Yoga Boxing Day Sale. Use the discount codes listed

Breath meditation

Breath meditation is a new dimension of relaxation, insight, and health. The meditation deals are just another reason why this is  the best yoga and meditation Christmas sale Australia has.

Yoga & meditation teacher training Christmas sale

Yoga and meditation teacher training is the ultimate yoga based personal development course. Plus, you get the option of another full-time or part-time job or career.

Flametree has a very high quality yoga and meditation (aka pranayama) teacher training program, led by an accredited Senior Teacher, with 30 years teaching experience.

Benefits of the meditation and yoga teacher training course include:

  • learning to teach and present in a systematic method that works
  • improving your yoga & breath meditation dramatically
  • understanding what’s happening in the mind and body of yourself and students
  • huge personal growth via the coaching in the course
  • immense yogic insights and learning.

To start this course, you need 3 years of Iyengar yoga classes as a student. (Even if you don’t have it now, it’s something to work towards from now).

During this Christmas New Year sale, get 90% OFF your first teacher training long weekend (in February), and 60% off the other 4 first year training weekends (over the next 12 months).

If you buy your first weekend during this Christmas New Year sale period (at 90% OFF). For later weekends, you then use the YTT60% discount code to get 60% off the other weekends in your first year.

So, you SAVE a total of $1,815 on the full first year cost of the teaching training program.

The next teacher training weekend is in February 2023. To lock in this New Year’s sale discount, all you need to do now is buy the February weekend, using the 90%OFF discount code.

Then you’re paying just $55 for the first 3 day weekend of yoga and meditation teacher training.

This Christmas New Year deal is available only until the sale ends. Learn more or buy now.

Don’t miss the Meditation & yoga Boxing Day sale, available NOW

Arm balance

Arm Balance by Flametree Senior Teacher & Yoga Therapist, Chris Lalor, of Darwin NT.

Discount codes to use

As we said, click each link for more details, or to buy.

For each package listed, when you reach the checkout page (via the “Add To Cart” button), use the appropriate discount code below.

For example, when you’re offered a 60% discount, use the discount code Christmas60.

Put the codes in the discount code box you’ll see on the lower left of the check out page, and press “Apply Coupon“.

All the discount codes for these deals, are:

  • Christmas60
  • Chistmas50
  • Christmas25Weekly
  • 90%OFF (for the first weekend of teacher training).

The discount codes are case sensitive. In other words, use the codes exactly as shown, including the capital letters.

The codes also only work for the sale dates listed below.

Discounts only until all spots are gone

Remember, for each package listed, when you reach the checkout page, use the relevant discount code listed above.

During only the after Christmas sale dates shown below, you’ll get these meditation or yoga class deals at the discount listed.

The discount code will be active just for a limited number of days:

  • Starts 12 midnight on a date to be set.
  • Ends no later than end of January, or sooner if all classes are full.

Please note that some deals may sell out before the end date, due to space available.

After the sale ends, the discount codes won’t work.

So, please don’t miss these high value deals.

More Happiness: Another Benefit Of Our Meditation & Yoga Boxing Day Sale.

Yoga Boxing Day Sale.

Don’t miss the best yoga and meditation Christmas sale Australia has. Get early Xmas sale and New Year Eve deals for yourself or friends.

Gifts, & DIY gift card

You can also buy for friend, and can use our Do-It-Yourself Gift Card for them.

Just fill in this DIY Gift Card with whatever you’ve bought as a gift.

Just tell us by email who the gift is for. When they turn up with your gift certificate, we’ll issue a pass in their name. (Email to [email protected]).

FREE first class

Flametree’s FREE first class is for newcomers resident in the Northern Territory (who’ve never bought a pass), and anyone who’s attending online (from anywhere).

It’s a trial to see if you like yoga. It’s an extra for you at our yoga Boxing Day sale.

All you need to do is reserve the class at this FREE yoga class reservation page.

What students say about Flametree’s yoga & meditation

Check out genuine reviews of what customers say about their classes with us.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received.


Beginner yoga example of what you can buy in Flametree’s Yoga Boxing Day Sale.

Chris Lalor, Flametree’s accredited Senior Teacher & Yoga Therapist, shows easy beginner yoga.

​New year boxing day deals & Xmas sale

Both before and after Christmas Day, our late December and January sales usually start, with a wide range of products.

But this year, they’re LIVE right now… so you even get a chance to get some gifts.

​Although its a great time of year, it’s easy to let the good time events take their toll on our body or mind.

So, now is the perfect time to use our pre Xmas sale, and best after-Christmas sales, for yoga fitness, or meditation.

The 60% off sale items mean that nothing at this sale are big-ticket items.

Instead, you can plan to put any big day over the Christmas period behind you. Today is the perfect day to get started on your fitness for next year.

In addition, whether you’re in the the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, or other parts of the world, you can still get these deals via our online classes.

​From early on December 26th 2023, spend the last of your Christmas cash on our yoga or meditation best sellers.

​Especially if the last thing you want to do is brave some major retail event, you can instead get all our pre and post-holiday sales via online.

Any of the biggest discounts can all be yours. Our e-commerce is perfect for earlier shopping, or after Christmas shopping.

So, it’s the best yoga and meditation Christmas sale Australia has. Below, see more about our Xmas sale.


Do yoga with your partner, or bring a friend to our studios. Use these sales to get early Xmas sale and New Year Eve deals for yourself or friends.

Shop now, and start as soon as you like

Although these deals will run through boxing week, if Boxing Day shoppers buy now, you can actually get started right away, even before the end of the year.

​That’s just another reason why this is one of the best boxing day sales.

Make your New Year a big fitness improvement on last year.

All deals listed have an extra discount on what we normally offer in recent years, and overall, even more than we offer in Black Friday sales.

One of our top tips is to use these select sale items to combine both yoga and meditation.

Plus, get a friend involved via the holiday gift cards listed above. Please spread the good news on your social media.

Of course, any unwanted gifts you may choose can always be returned, if unused.

Just add select items, or gift sets, to the shopping cart, and then use the discount codes above.

Flametree Yoga Boxing Day Sale. Huge, After Christmas Sale 2023.

yoga deals for black friday sale

Restorative yoga, like the pose shown, is excellent for reducing stress. In the process, it also helps hugely with weight loss. Access to deals with these special classes are yet another reason why this is the best yoga and meditation Christmas sale Australia has. 

Best deals of the holiday season

Flametree’s Christmas sale items give you a huge personal return, throughout each month and year.

Unlike other Christmas gifts you may get, or buy for yourself, our low price yoga and meditation work to give you the best time.

As you shop for these deals, you also don’t have to worry about free shipping, holiday delivery, or whether you get free fast delivery.

Instead, just buy right now and start as soon as suits you.

​In particular, the non-beginner yoga deal is much bigger than our cyber week deal, or Black Friday deal.

Of course, if you need late gift bags or Christmas stockings for friends, then use our DIY card as Christmas cards.

​For more information about any great item you see in the above deals, the details on our site, are the perfect gift guide.

Put Christmas time behind you, and use our Christmas clearance sale to look and feel great in the New Year.

As you work steadily on your fitness, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by both your strength, and the incredible softness of your muscles.

Best of all maybe, for another year, you can forget all the Christmas shopping details, and just get on with looking after you. We mean you can forget things like:

  • setting up artificial Christmas trees, or mini trees
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Christmas lights
  • placing a Christmas wreath, or other artificial wreaths.

Instead, use this Xmas sale to get started on yoga or meditation, and maybe work towards coming to our regular yoga retreats.

Meditation Deals Are Part Of Our Yoga Boxing Day Sale.

yoga cyber monday deals

Use these great deals to start or re-start Flametree’s breath meditation. Just get a pass, and turn up in Woolner NT for pranayama classes. If online, reserve a class. so as to get your Zoom link.

Yoga mats, yoga pants, and other yoga apparel

To get started with yoga or meditation, there’s no need to have any special clothing.

​Women just use any type of sports bras. Guys; just use a tank top if you like… but any comfortable clothes are fine.

You can of course use an end of year sale to find some outfits at the likes of Alo Yoga, but it’s not necessary

At our page on yoga props and clothes, we’ve given you a quick guide on what to wear… if you need more detail.

For now, just use the promo code and get started.

​Using our email address, we’ll also send you some useful tips of the early stages your yoga and meditation journey.

Benefits from Flametree’s Yoga Boxing Day Sale.

Yoga Boxing Day Sale. & & Christmas Sales

Don’t miss the meditation deals at the Yoga Boxing Day Sale. Use these sales to get early Xmas sale and New Year Eve deals for yourself or friends.

Christmas trading period discounts

Use all these gift ideas for Christmas presents at a discount from the regular price.

If you’re new arrivals into the Darwin area, or you can access us online, please also use the festive season to start yoga or meditation.

Armed with the best discounts you’ll find, you can give your fitness a probably much-needed boost.

Maybe consider even telling a loved one what would be your favourite gifts from this page.

The Australian Retailers Association, and others, say interest rates are on the way down for Australian consumers. So, maybe your gift shopping can even be more expansive than you planned.

Of course, there is still a cost-of-living crisis, but your health and fitness is something to work on at all times.

So, please think about how your Christmas spending, and all Christmas stockings that you need to fill with a secret Santa gift, could maybe include some items from this page.

If you’re looking for corporate gifts for employees, then how could you ease the cost-of-living pressures for some staff… via helping with their fitness plans.

Right now, you can get our top gifts at the best price of the year. We don’t offer zip pay, but you can use credit cards. Of course, with our online ways, you also get free delivery!

That’s why our pre-Christmas sales so far have been popular.

Although the lion’s share of fitness sales take place after Xmas, the run up to Christmas Eve is still an excellent time to buy yoga and meditation packages.

By the way, if you come by our main studio, you’ll notice we have our string lights adding to our outdoor decor. Maybe we’ll add to our Xmas by decorating the traditional trees we have downstairs.

So, don’t miss our Xmas sale. They’re bigger and better than in the four-day Black Friday period, and what we did in the previous year.

More Benefits from Flametree’s Yoga Boxing Day Sale.

yoga sale

Get all of these benefits of yoga happening more in your life. Buy a pass for yourself, a partner, and friend. An early Xmas sale cheap as chips! Don’t miss the great deals at the best yoga and meditation Christmas sale Australia has.

Big savings | Better than Cyber Monday

The deep discounts you can get right now, will continue into our post-Christmas sales… unless any classes become full.

For Flametree, it’s not about end-of-season sales, or select clearance items.

The issues that major retailers worry about with after-Christmas clearance sales are not our concern.

We simply focus on what are the best things for comfort in our classes, especially having plenty of room for you to use all our fitness equipment.

So, for a limited time, get a great deal on whatever yoga fitness or meditation is the best buy for you.

By the way, if you’re doing online shopping for yoga fitness, then all you need to do is improvise some yoga props to go with your lowest price yoga passes.

So, don’t wait for any after-Christmas deals, or New Year’s sales. Instead, just use this prime time end-of-year sale at Flametree to maximise your health and fitness.

Our hand-picked deals for you, can get you started doing yoga in your living room right now.

​Your health is one of the best beauty tools of your life.

It won’t get any better than this at Flametree’s Yoga Boxing Day Sale. The deals will continue, but start now, and don’t miss the Flametree Xmas sale.

Huge, Before & After Christmas Sale 2023.


Yoga at home, with Flametree’s online classes, is convenient & effective. Your animals will love it too! Use these sales to get early Xmas sale and New Year Eve deals for yourself or friends.

Online sale with great prices

​How well your body works is one of the most important things you can look after.

So, Flametree offers one of the best Christmas sales to help you care for body and mind.

You can do it all, as well as avoid the stress of the holiday shopping experiences… let alone long lines and large crowds.

​Use our site to find the holiday items that will ensure your ongoing health and fitness

See all our most popular offers at the major links higher on this page.  Then, grab our low prices, special offers and top deals.

In 2023, Flametree teaches at 3 locations in the Darwin region of Australia, and online.

For online online classes, our props page outlines how yoga accessories and yoga props can be quickly improvised.

So, please use these great deals at the best yoga and meditation Christmas sale Australia has.

Best savings for any new customer

The 60% off clearance items listed above are to especially encourage our new customers to get started with health and fitness.

The links will take you to some of the most requested URL options we have.

​Then, just use the discount codes to get these great year-end deals.


These codes work for you right now. But, only until deals sell out.

Go to the link above, and use the relevant discount code.

Christmas60 (for 10 packs new and lapsed beginners & non-beginners)

Chistmas50 (for yoga or meditation courses, & a meditation 10 pack)

Christmas25Weekly (for 25% off for weekly deals for any non-beginner starting such debits)

90%OFF (for the first weekend of teacher training).


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