Iyengar Yoga Course For Beginners, With 4 Video Yoga Classes


Iyengar Yoga Course For Beginners, With 4 Video Yoga Classes


Iyengar Yoga Beginners Course videos

This page lets you get the 4 videos in the course by accredited Senior Pranayama Breath Meditation Teacher Chris Lalor.

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A tiny sample of our training

Chris Lalor with some beginner yoga tips.

How to get your Iyengar Yoga Course videos

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If you have questions, please email [email protected], or talk to us via Messenger at the Help button on the pages of this site.

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How to access these videos

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Beginner Videos

Iyengar Yoga Course For Beginners, with a 4-class beginner yoga course, and unlimited use for 3 months.

Plus, further information supplied as needed, or contact us if you have questions.

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iyengar yoga beginners courses

Chris demonstrates one of the many easy beginner yoga poses she teaches in our video and other Courses For Beginners.

Props for using your Iyengar Yoga course

In our studio, all props are supplied.

But if you’re doing these online at home, check out our suggestions for improvising or buying some basic yoga props.

What can be achieved with an Iyengar Yoga course

Over the years, I (Chris Lalor), have been inspired by the progress made on a wide mix of issues and goals that I see Flametree Yoga students pursue, via the various Iyengar Yoga Courses they do.

In every week of any month, I notice students steadily making progress with some mix of the goals they’ve privately chosen. Often, they don’t even tell me what they’re up to.

Overtime, I just notice their makeover or transformation, and we may then chat about it. Some of their achievements include:

  • Managing a particular condition or injury via some mix of yoga sequences or poses
  • Getting calmer or less anxious, or more energised, via breath meditation, or yoga, or both
  • Reducing panic attacks and other life threatening stress
  • Staying strong and active into later years
  • Losing weight by significantly reducing sugar (and / or taking other steps)
  • Getting better at yoga poses, or assisting any of the above goals, by coming to additional classes.

There are many stories students have shared about goals like these. Some are in our blog posts.

But, for every story they’ve shared, I can tell you there are many more similar, although individual stories.

When you’ve put this Iyengar Yoga course to good use, I’d love to hear what you achieve.

Get Your Iyengar Yoga Course For Beginners, Via 4 Video Yoga Classes

So, to get your videos, use “Add To Cart” above.


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