Flametree Yoga Retreat Bali | Iyengar & Other Styles.

Plus, Ongoing LIVE Yoga & Pranayama, & Video Options.

Yoga Retreat Bali. See Deal

Yoga retreat Bali, with Iyengar Yoga. See also Iyengar yoga, & pranayama courses, videos online deals. For beginners & other levels.

Iyengar Yoga Retreat Bali

Flametree’s Bali yoga & pranayama retreat, at an early bird price until midnight on Tuesday 22nd August 2023.

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Bali Retreat Schedule

Details of 6 day retreat from 25-31 August 2023.

Plus what to take, tips, & other useful information.

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FREE 1st Online Yoga Class

All newcomers get a FREE 1st class at beginner or non-beginner level.

Reserve an ONLINE class, & get your Zoom link.

See these timetables, for schedule in your local time.

pranayama courses online iyengar yoga videos online

Pranayama Videos & 10 FREE LIVE online classes

4-class pranayama meditation video course, & 10 LIVE online classes afterwards.

Taught by Senior Iyengar Teacher, Chris Lalor.

New Non-Beginner Yoga: 30 Days For AUD$14.95!

Unlimited, LIVE online non-beginner yoga & pranayama for 30 days. Learn more

Unlimited entry to any of Flametree’s yoga or pranayama breath meditation classes, except Beginner classes. For students who are new to Flametree, or lapsed 6 months or more.

10 HALF Price Online Beginner Yoga Classes, & 2 FREE

TEN HALF price online beginner level yoga classes. Reduced to AUD$4.95 each. Plus 2 FREE classes when you buy promptly. Standard beginner yoga, Iyengar style, plus classes in Yoga For Backs, Gentle Yoga, & Easy Restorative Yoga.

Yoga Video Packages

See Flametree’s yoga video packages. Includes a short Iyengar yoga beginner course, OR deals with unlimited beginner classes (with a FREE 2 week trial). These weekly deals are the best value of all, & they can be paused or cancelled any time.

Bail Retreat

​More on the Bali Yoga Retreat Deal

Flametree runs one of the best yoga retreats in Bali. Here’s some of what you get.

  • daily yoga classes that will delight all yoga enthusiasts
  • Iyengar yoga practice adjusted to individual skill levels
  • ​the opportunity to practice yoga with the guidance of 2 teachers
  • delicious food that’s also very healthy food, & vegetarian food
  • it’s a pranayama meditation retreat too
  • there’s time to relax in this organized wellness resort
  • Plus, time out to see ancient temples, have spa treatments, Balinese massage, or whatever
  • Indian ocean immediately out front as the best outdoor swimming pool
  • ​use of a dedicated retreat center with Iyengar props
  • ​the opportunity for trips to see Balinese culture
  • single room options for individuals or couples
  • suitable for those with hatha yoga, yin yoga, & other styles too
  • a retreat leader who is a seasoned yogi.
  • whatever help is needed with your wellness journey, so as to get the best wellness experience
  • options like Balinese cooking classes if you wish
  • free time to enjoy the unlimited ocean views, & gorgeous beaches
  • time to see rice fields, rice paddies, the “real Bali”, & enjoy local cultural activities.

All in all, it’s a perfect place to enjoy yoga and meditation practices, as part of a holistic approach to wellness. You’ll be enjoying the best Iyengar yoga Bali has.

It’s one of the best places to find inner peace, and connect with mother earth, as you enjoy this so-called “Island Of The Gods.”

Yoga Retreat Bali. See Deal

Yoga Insights.

See further below on Iyengar yoga videos & pranayama courses online

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Flametree Iyengar Yoga Studio

Yoga Retreat Bali. See Deal


Online yoga classes with top Iyengar Yoga teachers

A great way to try Flametree studio, and the approach of Mr B. K. S. Iyengar, is to use the online free class for all newcomers.

Many Flametree students do their regular practice of yoga and pranayama via our online class schedule.

It all works very much like a YouTube channel. But it’s better because you’re getting LIVE online Senior Teachers.

​Whether it’s your first class, or you’ve been enjoying the benefits of Iyengar yoga for a long time, you’ll love the convenience of our Zoom platform for classes.

​The use of props is similar to a real class room. Key props you need are a yoga mat, yoga belt, and ideally a free wall to press against.

The online practice of Iyengar yoga, with Flametree’s certified Iyengar yoga teacher, then just proceeds at your own pace, guided by Flametree’s highly experienced teacher.

There are also Special Focus classes for issues like back pain, and many other issues of your body type, or other health condition (if any).

Our LIVE teacher, can see you well, and give on the spot feedback to guide your yoga postures.

These real time yoga classes are a great way to help you fit yoga asanas into a busy schedule.

So, try first time class (for FREE), & then check out Flametree’s deals for ongoing yoga (or pranayama).

Remember, the currency conversion from Australia works especially in your favour.

Plus, Flametree has a very cost effective yoga or breath meditation package for daily practice or whatever.

pranayama courses online iyengar yoga videos online

Looking to sea from the purpose built yoga room at our Bali retreat resort. Or see more below on our Iyengar yoga videos online, & pranayama courses online. They let you practise anywhere & anytime that suits. 

Flametree’s Pranayama training videos

​Flametree’s pranayama video course is a convenient, low cost way to start your pranayama practice.

This education course includes 4 key types of breath work, including alternate nostril breathing, nadi shodhana, and more.

Ideally, use the video package, and 10 LIVE FREE follow-up classes, to create a powerful daily routine.

Pranayama is a powerful tool among yogic practices. Some of the major benefits our comprehensive programs will deliver include:

  • better physical health
  • more vital energy
  • improved mental health
  • higher life energy, and higher energy levels overall
  • ​greater lung capacity
  • more mental clarity
  • help with seeing your spiritual purpose, & spiritual growth (if that’s a goal for you)
  • greater emotional health, & improved emotional state
  • relief from daily stress levels
  • a stronger immune system, and helping to balance hormones
  • helping to see the true nature of the self.

​Learn the ancient practice of breath control

​For Flametree’s pranayama video course for beginners, no prior experience of breath meditation is needed.

You just need about 6 months of yoga first. See yoga as a stepping stone to a transformative journey of pranayama as well.

Among other things, Chris Lalor, at Flametree, is a certified pranayama instructor. She will guide you to the full potential of the regular practice of pranayama.

On the successful completion of the video course, you can then more onto LIVE online classes, using the 10 FREE passes for LIVE online classes.

The timetables include class times in your local time. (At the link, scroll down to see the local times).

pranayama courses online iyengar yoga videos online

Yoga for mind, body, & spirit. Try a FREE first class of yoga or breath meditation, or come to Flametree’s Bali retreat.

​A last word about Flametree retreats on the Island of Bali

At Flametree’s retreats, the yoga sessions, together with the pranayama breath meditation sessions, with the Balinese local culture as a backdrop, create powerful wellness retreats.

​We suggest you see your online yoga, or pranayama classes, steadily through the year, as a way to set yourself up for the unique opportunity of a retreat in beautiful Bali

Helping you get more inspired for action

Try a FREE first class, or a retreat, or a breath meditation course (with 10 free classes included), or Flametree’s many other online yoga classes, so you get transformative effects for whatever you want to address.

pranayama courses & videos bali yoga retreat

Iyengar yoga videos online, & pranayama courses online, let you practise anywhere & anytime that suits. Or come to the Flametree retreat, & enjoy the best Iyengar yoga Bali has.

If you wish, see more videos about our Bali retreat, & many other yoga tips, at the Flametree YouTube Channel.

Yoga Retreat Bali. See Deal