Affiliate Marketing In Australia: To Make A Difference.

Is affiliate marketing worth it in Australia?

What is affiliate and referral marketing, for fundraising or extra income?

See how to become an affiliate marketer in Australia, or help charities in Darwin, & beyond.

Affiliate marketing in Australia can make a major difference for charities in Darwin, firms, or individuals. So, take a few minutes and learn more about it, & how it can help a Darwin charity. In addition, see is affiliate marketing worth it in Australia. Or, see what it affiliate and referral marketing. Plus, see how to become an affiliate marketer in Australia. Please consider assisting Darwin charities via this type of revenue raising, and extension of their important work.

Alternatively, if you’re an organisation or individual, please consider partnering with Flametree.

In turn, you’ll be helping raise revenue to extend the services of either another organisation, or Flametree, or both.

So, you’ll be a part of very worthwhile work that makes a big difference in this challenging world.

To earn income as a Flametree affiliate, register on ShareASale

Is affiliate marketing worth it in Australia?

Yes, affiliate marketing is worth it in Australia, for individuals or organisations. Charities use it for fundraising, firms use it for promoting services and products, and individuals use it for income. It’s totally legal & legitimate. But, it’s best to promote something that makes a positive difference.

Obviously, a non-profit, or charity, and its excellent work, is one of the most worthwhile of activities that you can promote.

That’s why Flametree Yoga likes working with non-profits. First, we’re promoting the non-profit. Secondly, our yoga and meditation services create more wellness for the non-profit’s supporters.

Below, learn more about how well affiliate and referral marketing works for a non-profit. Plus, see how well it works for charity supporters, or those being served by the non-profit charity.

Spread the word about yoga: a great way to help a Darwin charity (or wherever).

how to become an affiliate marketer in Australia

Flametree teaches both beginner and non-beginner yoga and meditation. Its a great way to build wellness, as well as raise revenue for a non-profit. Learn more, or scroll down to see how to become an affiliate marketer in Australia.

What is affiliate and referral marketing?

Flametree’s affiliate marketing in Australia is both affiliate and referral marketing. (If the word “marketing” does not appeal to you, then please think about it in terms of promotion).

People are familiar with referral marketing such as “Refer a friend”. (Flametree also has this type of referral program).

But affiliate marketing is less well known.

It’s best explained by thinking about what is the difference between referral and affiliate marketing.

Referral marketing is rewarding customers with extra services, when they refer a customer. In contrast, affiliate marketing is paying the referrer a commission, based on the sale or lead value.

But, as you can see, there are also many similarities between the processes. The first is a reliance on having a network to refer, or influence. In particular, those being referred need to trust the referrer (non profit or charity). Plus, the referrer needs to be sure of the quality of the product or service being recommended.

In the case of Flametree, it’s existing customers sometimes also refer it to charities, or many others.

Equally, some charities already refer their supporters to Flametree. Until now, they’ve usually done this because they know that Flametree’s services would help their clients, customers, or staff.

See more on how to become an affiliate marketer in Australia

charities in darwin

Just walking into a yoga class, or going on a retreat, can be a significant way for anyone to make a difference for others too. So, see more about how to become an affiliate marketer in Australia.

Charities extra income used to extend their services

Now that Flametree is also using affiliate marketing in Australia, where a Darwin charity is also registered for affiliate marketing, then the charity in Darwin, or wherever, can also earn significant extra income.

The new income for the charity is a share of any sales that Flametree makes as a result of a referral from a charity in Darwin. (Obviously, the referral, and new income, can also be for any other referrer, such as a firm, individual, or Government entity).

As a result, it’s a mutually beneficial process. Firstly, it’s extra work for Flametree.

Secondly, and more importantly, the customers, clients, supporters, or donors to the non-profit, generate additional income for the charity.

In addition, it also helps many more get access to very low cost, and helpful, yoga and meditation, or both.

(The benefits of yoga and meditation are both proven, and immense. See also the presentation slides at the end of this post).

In the case of at least one Darwin charity that partners with Flametree in this way, it uses use some of the new income for extra services. For example, the charity then offers very low cost, or no cost, Flametree services to their clients.

To do this, the charity buys extra Flametree services at a low, bulk rate, and distributes zero cost yoga vouchers to its clients.

How to become an affiliate marketer in Australia

Below, we outline more about about affiliate and referral marketing.

However, if you’re reading this because you just want to get on with it, then here is the “skinny” on what you do to get started.

The first step of the process is to have your non-profit (or any other person who wants), become a registered affiliate.

Then, you have a link, from an independent third party, where you can track who takes action as a result of your social media, or webpage, or emails, or whatever.

To become an affiliate, you join a so-called affiliate and referral marketing platform.

There are many of these platforms. Flametree uses one that has existed for decades, has good customer service, and is trusted by millions around the world.

After considering platforms closely, Flametree selected the network below, to be a part of its steps in how to become an affiliate marketer in Australia.

A handstand, lifting all your weight, is excellent for strength building

darwin charities revenue raising

So, please support the great work of Darwin charities via this type of revenue raising. While you’re helping charities in Darwin, or far beyond, you’re also looking after the wellness of those in a Darwin charity network (or wherever else they work).

To earn income as a Flametree affiliate, register on ShareASale

Affiliate marketing and referral platform

So, to do affiliate marketing in Australia, Flametree uses an large and reputable affiliate marketing platform called ShareAsale.

ShareAsale, as a trusted third party, then uses their site to track the sales generated by the referrals or recommendations.

Then, this affiliate marketing platform pays the referring charity the commission generated from a new sale or lead.

ShareAsale then ongoingly invoices Flametree for such commission.

Via a page on the ShareAsale site, a referrer is also be able to see the commission due to their organisation.

So, the rest of this post is about how an organisation, or individual, can become an affiliate.

Then, you earn a commission on every Flametree sale that happens as a result of your organisational, or private network.

So, affiliate marketing is simply another sales channel used by organisations all over the world.

It’s a process that has been around for a very long time. But, it’s now growing faster than it ever has before.

The growth is due to the ongoing growth of the web, as well as people looking for additional ways to do promotions, including affiliate promotions.

Organisations like Flametree, and many others, use it along with the usual mix of other channels, such as search engine optimisation, paid advertising, events, social media, email marketing, and more.

affiliate and referral marketing

Theta waves, such as you get more of with pranayama meditation, give you better sleep, inner peace, and a range of other benefits. See more in the presentation at the end of this post.

Steps to raise funds as an affiliate

So, here is the step by step process for your organisation (or an individual) to become registered as an affiliate, with your own tracking code.

First, you get registered with the platform.

  1. You or your organisation has to sign up as an affiliate of the global, reputable affiliate network we use, called ShareAsale (see link below). It will approve you as an affiliate.
  2. ShareAsale gives you a tracking code or codes. Then, you and they can track Flametree sales that arise from your network.
  3. Then, via the lists of merchants on ShareAsale, you can apply to join Flametree’s affiliate program. We will of course immediately approve.
  4. When ShareAsale can see that a sale has been made that is attributable to your network, ShareAsale will pay you a commission on that sale.
  5. So, to learn more, and / or register as a ShareAsale affiliate, you follow the instructions on this ShareAsale registration page. (It has quick and easy series of steps that you can do online).

Once you’re registered, spread the word

  • Once you’ve registered your organisation, you can promote Flametree products and services on your social media, email, website (or wherever).
  • In addition, when you email your list, or speak at a meeting, or whatever, you can also encourage interested people to get involved in the relevant non-profit, or whatever else you’re promoting.
  • In any such case, you give people the link, code, or online location to go when they refer people, or buy themselves.
  • Equally, if Flametree makes a presentation to your clients, customers, or supporters, it can also request the audience to help by using your referring link. (In some cases, Flametree can also request your supporters to act, from a page on it own website).
  • In the case of people you are referring to Flametree (so as to earn your commission), the people referred simply need to be new to Flametree, or lapsed 3 months.


Excellent nutrition, and appropriate movement, are important parts of wellness

is affiliate marketing worth it in Australia

Flametree is a strong advocate for improving all aspects of wellness, including nutrition. See our recipes page. So, it’s another reason for giving a very positive answer to the question “is affiliate marketing worth it in Australia”.

The power of a Darwin charity network

Clearly, affiliate marketing works especially well for organisations with any mix of a strong brand, large events, extensive network, email list, or other effective promotion.

In turn, the ability to earn income via a network, is also a very good reason to build the networks further.

Non-profit organisations, which almost always are doing a wide variety of wonderful work, can also widely request people to support their work via purchasing yoga or meditation with your tracking codes. 

Although people support charities for a wide variety of reasons, some people are more likely to help a charity when it’s happening simply as a result of them buying a service (such as yoga or meditation), that they want to buy anyway.

In addition, these same people, or others, are more likely to be happy to support your work via buying our services with the links that will generate charity commission. 

Obviously, both you and Flametree should and will disclose that you will get a contribution from such a sale.

For example, it’s very normal to see an organisation saying that x cents in every dollar spent, will go to a certain charity or good cause. 

Flametree services where affiliates can earn commission

At the moment, Flametree has essentially 4 categories of services, as below.

  1. Online and in-studio classes
  2. Video courses and classes
  3. Retreats (more than once a year)
  4. Teacher training courses online and in-studio.

All of these activities are also useful to people outside of the Darwin region. It’s only the in-studio classes that have to be used locally.

So, people in a broad area, such as across the whole of the NT, or far beyond, can buy a Flametree service that works for them, and still contribute to the work of the non-profit setting up the affiliate and referral marketing process.

The range and reach of Flametree services, and the many ways they can be used by Darwin charity supporters, provide a good answer to the question, is affiliate marketing worth it in Australia.

Good yoga should not be “one size fits all”

charities in darwin

Flametree teaches in many levels, and online. So, there are always simple, easy classes, and poses, that anyone can do.  Chris Lalor (pictured), is also a highly experienced and certified Senior Teacher and Yoga Therapist. So, by using affiliate marketing in Australia, she can be a huge help to almost any charity client, or supporter.

Flametree affiliate commission and examples

Right at the moment, Flametree is still using a flat 15% commission structure for affiliate commissions.

However, we will be moving to a structure with more variation. For instance, we are likely to pay more commission for fully digital products like video classes.

The most important thing to note is that our commission applies ongoingly, without any time limit.

So, the sale of a Flametree service can create annual, recurring value for an any organisation, or individual, who is doing the promotion.

Obviously, in the case of a non-profit, they’re asking their supporters to refer others via the non-profits affiliate tracking link. Then the non-profit raises revenue via the sale.

In the jargon of these times, the Darwin charity would create ongoing passive income for an organisation, providing the person keeps using our services.

The charities in Darwin, or wherever or whoever, can also encourage the person to continue to use Flametree services, and thereby generate additional and ongoing income for the charity.

For instance, if one of your networks buys our yoga classes using a pay-by-the-week deal for 3 classes a week, then your organisation gets a commission for as long as that person continues to do yoga with Flametree Yoga.

In this regard, the typical Flametree Yoga student will spend a considerable amount each year on yoga classes.

So, for instance, if you were getting 15% of a person spending $1,000 a year, then that is $150 per person for the non-profit, or Darwin charity. So, this example alone is a great answer to the question of is affiliate marketing worth it in Australia.

As a result of doing affiliate marketing in Australia (or beyond), a non-profit can earn the revenue to make an even bigger difference.

Consider options beyond giving via charity bins or charity shops

Darwin charity affiliate marketing

Charity bins and charity shops are some good options for supporting Darwin charities. But also please consider assisting Darwin charities in other ways too. While you’re helping charities in Darwin, or far beyond, you’re also looking after the wellness of those in a Darwin charity network. 

Retreats are also a good option for a Darwin charity

In addition, for a retreat, where a student may pay an average of $1,500, a referrer would also currently earn $150.

Students often come to a retreat annually, and sometimes do two a year. So, again, a referrer would get a commission on each such sale.

The next Flametree retreat starts on 27/7/24, so there is still time for you to earn revenue on that.

But time is obviously critical for that retreat.

So, there are many good examples to positively answer the question of “is affiliate marketing worth it in Australia”.

By the way, Flametree is also obviously happy to do further talks to your networks, or provide information that can help with your revenue raising via this affiliate and referral marketing.

However, even without presentations, a non-profit can promote how people can help your organisation’s work, via purchasing Flametree yoga and meditation services.

More on how to become an affiliate marketer in Australia

In terms of being an affiliate, or using your network as affiliates, there is also much on Flametree’s site right now that you can point people towards classes that will be useful and appropriate for them.

Flametree can also tell you the best options in this regard.

For instance, half price 10 packs, or yoga video courses (with FREE additional classes), are popular ways that people get started, or re-started, with yoga or meditation.

Plus, Flametree has some so-called “creatives” or draft text and pictures, that you can adapt as you see fit in flyers, emails, or whatever.

Once anyone registers as an affiliate (via ShareAsale), it also has a place where you can see Flametree’s examples of creative messages that can be adapted.

Flametree is also very happy to answer further questions, or whatever. Just contact us.

If charities in Darwin, or anywhere, want to learn how how to become an affiliate marketer in Australia, we’re ready to help.

Below, see one of Flametree’s talks to supporters of one of the non-profits who will do be doing affiliate marketing in Australia very soon.

The talk includes useful information encouraging the non-profit’s supporters to do yoga or meditation, or both.

Slides from a recent Flametree talk on yoga & meditation

(To flick through, just click on the slides, or use the arrows underneath the slides)

This presentation, given to one of the charities in Darwin, by Flametree Yoga, is a good example of how charity supporters can be encouraged to do activities to maximise their wellness.

To earn income as a Flametree affiliate, register on ShareASale

Looking for one of our yoga talks, or one on meditation?

If, you’d like one of Flametree’s free yoga talks, or a meditation presentation, or a mix of both, at your organisation, please contact us.

To see one example of such a talk, just flick through the above slides.

Or, feel free to inquire about how to become an affiliate marketer in Australia, either to help a non-profit, or to earn extra income for yourself.

(If you were to do it for yourself, you simply get your own ShareAsale affiliate and referral marketing code).

Of course, any presentation Flametree does can be similar to the above presentation, or with whatever other content you’d like.

Alternatively, clients or supporters of a Darwin charity (or whoever), can just reserve a FREE first class. This gives them a sample of what they can expect if they then buy a yoga pass.

Here is the BEGINNER timetable, with a link to the non-beginner timetable.

So, try some affiliate marketing in Australia, and make an even bigger difference.

Remember, the more revenue Darwin charities have, the more great work they can do.

So, if you’d like more details or contacts for the charities already partnering with Flametree, and that you can therefore support, please get in touch.

In addition, maybe you’re already involved with a charity or other organisation that you think could benefit from working with Flametree as an affiliate partner.

If so, Flametree would be very grateful if you’d please also let us know, or ask the appropriate person to reach out to Flametree.

While you’re helping charities in Darwin, or far beyond, you’re also helping to look after the wellness the those in a Darwin charity network.

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