Bali Retreats 2024 All Inclusive

Bali Retreats 2024: All Inclusive Yoga Wellness & Meditation Deals

Want a Bali retreats 2024 all inclusive, with an all inclusive wellness retreat, and an all inclusive meditation retreats package too. See more on what to look for in the best all inclusive wellness retreats, combined with an all-inclusive yoga retreat.

Plus, when you’re ready, scroll down to also see the big bonus for new and lapsed non-beginners who attend. Alternatively, see the bonus deals in the slides below.

When you’ve flicked through the slides, also see more at the short video in the next section.

The video shows the certified Senior Teacher, Christine Lalor, who’s leading the retreat, doing yoga on the seafront at the main retreat resort where this Bali Yoga Retreat will be held.

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Candidasa Beach Bali Indonesia

The ocean view you’ll constantly be able to gaze at, from almost all parts of the 2 wonderful seafront resorts where you’ll be staying. The boat is a an outrigger canoe that can also be hired for trips or fishing.

What are Bali Yoga retreats 2024 all inclusive deals?

Bali retreats 2024 all inclusive deals should include at least accommodation, all meals, & teaching. Ideally, also get extras like tours, massages, free classes before and after the retreat, video courses, & cooking classes. Due to different personal travel schedules, all transport is best to do separately & individually.

The add-ons to the deals should also be a part of the all the packages at different price levels, instead of being only in the more up-market all inclusive retreats.

Remember, the retreat host running the retreat (or studio) can often get the best rates for all inclusive retreats, including for all inclusive wellness retreat. So, such deals are a place you can get extra added value. Plus, the host usually has the best knowledge of the options for all inclusive retreats, including for an all-inclusive yoga retreat.

In addition, it costs the host, or yoga and meditation studio, somewhat less when they add extra people to what they’re doing already.

As a result, they’re in the best position to give you the best all inclusive wellness retreats, or the most valuable all inclusive yoga retreat, or  all inclusive meditation retreats, or whatever.

So, check out the huge inclusions in Flametree’s yoga retreat all-inclusive. Plus, learn why you’re also getting the best of all inclusive wellness retreats, as well as the best of meditation retreat deals.

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Retreat Resort for 7 days from 27 July 2024


Chris Lalor demonstrating.

Chris Lalor, certified Senior Teacher & Yoga Therapist doing yoga right at the Flametree retreat resort.

All poses taught at the retreat will be customised to the level of each individual, so beginner level students can attend.

Contents of this post on all inclusive retreats

Here’s what’s in this post.

  • What should be in all inclusive retreats? (See above).
  • What’s in the Flametree Yoga retreat all-inclusive package
  • Why yoga and meditation retreats also give you an all inclusive wellness retreat
  • Why to choose all key parts of a yoga retreat all inclusive package
  • Key elements of the best all inclusive wellness retreats packages
  • What are the best all inclusive meditation retreats to look for.

Or, to place a deposit on Flametree’s mix of wellness and meditation, with an all inclusive yoga retreats deal, then just use the orange links.

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meditation retreat bali

Picking coconuts right out the front of the Sea Breeze retreat resort. (BUT, don’t stand under such trees!).

The Flametree Yoga all-inclusive package

Here’s some of what you’ll get in the all inclusive retreat deal:

  • 11 taught yoga sessions, including both active and restorative yoga, over 7 days
  • 3 evening talks on yoga
  • 6 pranayama sessions in breath meditation
  • 6 nights and 7 days in the delightful, modern Bali resorts
  • 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day, for 6 days (with vegan, and carnivore options)
  • A half day off in the middle for sights, or whatever. Tour is included in package.
  • Time to swim, snorkel, chat, or shop in the local village and adjacent town
  • Time to chat and get advice with your empathetic & accredited Senior Yoga & Meditation teacher
  • The option of very personalised yoga or meditation programs, created by a certified Yoga Therapist, to help with any condition you need to manage or improve

Plus, those new to Flametree, or lapsed 2 months. get a bonus valued at AUD$900. (See more on this in the next section).

In addition, as shown in the next section, the extras that everyone gets are worth $339 Australian dollars (AUD).

Value of the extras for all retreat attendees (of AUD$339)

Everyone who attends the retreat, with any of the packages, get very valuable extras.

The table below shows they have a total value of $339.

all-inclusive yoga retreat Bali

All who attend get these valuable and delightful extras

So, you’ll get a pranayama meditation video course of 4 classes, then 10 extra FREE full length breath and sound meditation classes (online or in-studio).

From doing many Bali retreats, Flametree has found that those who learn or improve their pranayama meditation at retreats, are the students who are most likely to keep it up.

Quite often, they are able to make a new and powerful meditation habit that stays with them forever.

In addition, with Chris Lalor, a very effective and experienced meditation teacher, you’ll regularly learn new and useful meditation techniques.

Plus, you’ll refine and improve the pranayama skills you may have already.

On top of that, as you can see in the Table above, the half day tour is FREE, as is your first massage, and the cooking class.

Add-on package for beginners (of AUD$927)

In addition, those who are at any stage of a beginner level, get the great class and video package shown in the table below.

best wellness retreat asia

Beginners extras and bonus at this all inclusive retreat in Bali.

The many extra LIVE or video classes will consolidate what you learn at the retreat.

Plus, it will allow you to build on the extra motivation you get from the retreat.

Best of all, this many free classes will give you the best shot at adopting new yoga and meditation habits that will maximise your fitness, calmness, flexibility, and mental outlook.


Valuable extras for NON-Beginners (of AUD$900)

Otherwise, if you’re at NON-Beginner level, the alternative package below is also worth a total (including the extras outlined above), of AUD$939.

No matter where you are in the world, this many extra and free classes will give you exactly the same consolidation, and habit forming activity, discussed above in relation to beginners.

So, please consider a deposit for the Bali retreats 2024 all inclusive.

best yoga wellness retreats

Non-Beginners extras and bonus of classes before or after the all-inclusive retreat, or both.

Why yoga and meditation retreats also give you an all inclusive wellness retreat

Studies of the extensive success of wellness retreats show that the key common ingredient they have is yoga and meditation.

In addition, the best all inclusive wellness retreats also have

  • healthy and nutritious meals
  • a quiet, secluded environment where you can chill out, heal, and recuperate
  • a relaxing program and ambience
  • a detox program to remove toxins, and help start new habits.

Flametree’s inclusive wellness retreat Bali style, has all of the above, and more.

If you wish, get more details at the above links, or make a deposit today.

beginners yoga retreat near me

Lake at Mt Batur you can visit before or after retreat. Temple in foreground.

Outcomes of the best all inclusive wellness retreats packages

Wellness retreats, including a mix of yoga and meditation, also deliver a great mix of these sorts of benefits.

  • time to reflect
  • a different location that is distraction free
  • time to chat and share experiences with others. In the process, you see things about yourself that have sometimes otherwise been hidden from you.
  • having profound breakthroughs about some aspect of your inner self, or see a change of direction you choose to make after the retreat
  • finding a new inner peace, which then improves your mental and physical situation.
  • building new energy and revitalisation
  • starting powerful new habits like breath meditation
  • new, long lasting friendships
  • a place where you can easily access the highly trained yoga therapist about ways to manage or improve conditions or situations in your life
  • a time and place to focus on learning or improving yoga or breath meditation, or getting more from it.

As mentioned above, the many benefits of all inclusive wellness retreats are now also proven by specific scientific studies.

For instance, one summary of retreat studies that assessed over 20 wellness retreats, says:

“… retreat experiences can produce benefits that include positive changes in metabolic and neurological pathways, loss of weight, blood pressure and abdominal girth, reduction in health symptoms, and improvements in quality of life and subjective wellbeing.”

It was also found that changes are ongoing.

The retreats were also found to produce both long term and short term changes.

In addition, yoga and meditation were the main “tools” that were consistently used in the retreats in these studies, including in wellness retreats.

I (Chris Lalor) have also seen and experienced people at retreats, get all the benefits mentioned above, as I’ve discussed in this post of the proven benefits of retreats.

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yoga wellness retreats near me

Walking through a riced paddy is popular, and something you can do on your half day tour, if you wish.

Why to choose all key parts of a yoga retreat all inclusive package

If you choose all the key parts of the Flametree Bali yoga retreat all inclusive deal we’ve outlined, you’ll get the most powerful retreat experience available.

In the process, it will not only give you the greatest value for your money, but also be the enjoyable and transformative experience that retreats should be.

So, don’t miss these generous and unique all-inclusive retreat deals.

Remember that you’re also getting extremely high quality teaching.

Too often, excellent teaching is the missing ingredient that short changes those who attend what appear to be glamorous retreats, but which fail to deliver as they should.


Your first massage is FREE, from the Pondok Pisang on-site masseur. Then, get more at a very affordable local rate.

What are the best all inclusive meditation retreats to look for.

By the way, the best all inclusive meditation retreats use all the breath meditation techniques you’ll learn in the meditation course included in the extras with the retreat.

In the most common English names, these meditative practices include:

  • Alternate nostril breathing
  • Staircase breathing (where the breath is held in stages as you inhale and exhale)
  • Ocean breath (which is also a type of sound and breath meditation)
  • Bumble bee breathing (using a more overt sound, along with breathing).

If you attend, and don’t get time to learn these practices beforehand, then they will all be taught from the beginning.

The view from the Pondok Pisang retreat venue

mindfulness retreat for beginners

The whole Pondok Pisang retreat resort is right on the water’s edge, with these decks overlooking the sea, plus sun rises, and sunsets. The stairs you see in the foreground lead down to the swimming beach and crystal clear ocean. Plus, there’s a sandy beach, which is more exposed in non high tides. This picture is taken from the verandah of one of the seafront single rooms at Pondok Pisang resort.

Learn more, or make a deposit now

Until midnight on 1 July 2024, you can pay a deposit via this deposit page.

In addition, until a week before the retreat starts on 27 July 2024, you can pay a $99 deposit at the retreat minimum deposit page we can provide (or otherwise). This deposit is non-refundable, but can be credited towards a later retreat.

If you use the minimum deposit page, you’ll need to pay the balance for your package by midnight on 26 July 2024.

After midnight on 26 July, if we confirm there are any spots available, you can still attend if you pay via direct bank deposit, using the Flametree Yoga all inclusive retreats account details below.


If you wish, see more at the Information page, or other recent Bali retreat posts in the Flametree blog.

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