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Are you looking for any of yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes near me? Here’s how Flametree’s breath meditation and yoga, or both, increase your mindfulness, emotional control, attention and self awareness. They also reduce reduce anxiety, fear, and other things you may want less of. So read on to see why to try Flametree Darwin meditation, yoga & mindfulness. It’s the best free yoga and meditation classes Darwin online or in-studio. Don’t take our word for it, use Flametree’s free yoga or meditation options to get started right away. See why and how breath meditation Darwin NT and online works so well.

These days, I don’t have many upsets. Most of the time, I am also less fearful.

In addition, I can focus on something for a long period. In other words, my attention span, focus, and energy, is much better.

I couldn’t always do these things. They are learnt skills.

I’ve acquired the skills as part of my practice of yoga and pranayama (also known as breath meditation).

I realised this when I recently read a book called “Science Of Yoga” *.

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meditation classes darwin

Yoga & pranayama (aka breath meditation) increased my emotional control, attention, & self-awareness, & reduced fear. Now I (Chris) know why. Try breath meditation Darwin NT classes, online or in-studio.  Notice the use of meditation stick to help sit upright, and extend the chest.

Mindfulness via yoga and meditation

First, studies show that yoga produces mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a simple and popular type of meditation state.

It also refers to a mindset that you can bring into the rest of your life.

One definition of mindfulness is to deliberately pay attention to the present moment, without any judgment.

It often involves observing breath, thoughts, sounds, or physical sensations. This can be done in yoga or breath meditation practice, or both.

In addition, yoga classes encourage mindfulness through moment-to-moment awareness. For example, it’s done during yoga asanas (or postures).

As a result, you may then notice this mindset spilling into your daily life, even in menial tasks.

In terms of evidence, anatomical MRI scans have shown that mindfulness changes the brain. For example, it happened after they participated in an eight-week mindfulness programme.

This suggests that it affects areas of the brain involved in learning and memory processes, emotion regulation, self-awareness, and new perspective taking.

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Chris Lalor also teaches advanced pranayama (aka breath meditation). Here, she’s demonstrating the use of a belt to sit more upright. But breath meditation can also be done in a chair.

Focus and “flow”

Another study showed that even brief training in mindfulness reduced fatigue and anxiety.* As well as that, longer training seems to particularly improve attention and focus.

Extreme focus, such as while playing an instrument, has been also connected with meditation.

Psychologists call this a “flow state”.

In both meditation and “flow”, your brain waves change from the so-called Beta state. This state is associated with thinking and conversing.

As a result of mindfulness and meditation, your brain state changes to a so-called Alpha and Theta state. Those states are associated with relaxation and creative problem solving.

More evidences is in a review of two decades of research. It found that specific areas of the brain are commonly affected by the yoga-based practice of mindfulness.

It showed that key areas of the frontal cortex [of the brain] are strengthened. In turn, that helps you effectively see and regulate emotions.

In addition, in 2018, brain scans were reported in a different research article. It also demonstrated that yoga asanas and meditation, reduced amygdala volume on the right-hand side of the brain. This is more associated with negative emotions and fear.

As well as all that, researchers have found that 8 weeks of mindfulness meditation helped people reduce fear related amygdala activity. This seems to work largely as a result of participants being mindful of sensations and emotions. In turn, it avoids pushing down such sensations.

Summary of impact of yoga and meditation classes Darwin & beyond

In summary. all of these useful things happen due to mindfulness via yoga and meditation. For example, brain research shows these findings.

  • Emotional regulation is strengthened.
  • The striatum part of the brain, associated with attention control, is strengthened.
  • Self-awareness is strengthened.
  • The amygdala, which is a very ancient part of our brains, and which is associated with fear, is reduced.

Somatic practices are also useful for helping people to process trauma. This is achieved via movement practices that emphasise perception, such as yoga postures.

In turn, they can do this without so-called “re-triggering”. That’s because the postures help to release tension held in the body.

So, if you’re searching for any of yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes “near me”,  and you’re a non-beginner at yoga, then get started with our pranayama breathwork Introduction. 

If you have not yet tried yoga, then start with beginner yoga, like the deal below.

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Flametree’s beginner yoga times online or in-studio

Each beginner class at Flametree is online or in-studio (in Darwin, Australia). Classes are at the local time of Darwin, Australia (+9.30GMT).

At the beginner timetable, there is also a time zone converter which shows the times in your local time zone. (Look immediately under the timetable grid to see the local time zones.)

The classes are all standard, introductory hatha yoga poses.

In addition, there’s also special focus options. They include Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Back (& Neck & Shoulders), and Easy Restorative Yoga.

Darwin meditation

A Flametree student shows how mindfulness meditation & yoga work especially well online. Try 10 free classes

Yoga classes, and / or breath meditation classes, or both

If you started out looking for meditation and mindfulness classes near me, and you have not done beginner yoga, then please first do a couple of months of beginner level yoga. It will give you the strength and lung capacity that helps breath mediation.

Beginner yoga can be started at any time, online or in-studio.

Some start yoga by getting a third off the Yoga Beginners Introduction. Others use a half price beginner 10 class pass, and start beginner level classes immediately.

Follow the relevant links to learn more about Flametree’s various other beginner yoga deals.

If you are in the Darwin region, there will be yoga classes in each of Palmerston, Casuarina, and Woolner.

In addition, Flametree has breath meditation classes twice a week, at 19b Bishop Street, Woolner, Darwin NT.

Details are on the beginner timetable, and non-beginner timetable.

As mentioned, if you are searching for any of yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes near me, and you’re a non-beginner at yoga, then get started with the pranayama breath meditation Introduction.

In addition, depending on where you are in your yoga journey, include breath meditation Darwin NT classes, online or in-studio.

HALF Price Breath Meditation 10 Pack, Including 4 FREE classes

2 Free Beginner Yoga Classes & 10 Half Off

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[* Source of the mindfulness information: adapted from Swanson, Ann. “Science Of Yoga” 2018 Kindle Edition. ]

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