Darwin City Yoga Practices For Anytime, But Especially NOW

My 4 practices for these challenging times

At our Darwin City Yoga studios, including at Flametree’s yoga Darwin CBD studio,  and online, I suggest these practices for difficult times. They are immune system poses, building a positive mindset, reducing inflammation, & improving breathing.

In these challenging times, it’s clear that our various Governments are more likely to leave it to each of us to look after ourselves.

We may not agree with their position, but we still need to deal with it as best we can.

That’s why I, speaking as a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, suggest the extra options I’ve outline below.

Darwin city yoga

Chris Lalor, accredited Senior Yoga Instructor, for Darwin City yoga & regions

Mindset, immune system, inflammation, & breathing practices

As well as the range of protections that Government and other experts are promoting, there are extra practices you can implement.

Therefore, I suggest you at least consider these steps.

  1. Work on building a positive mindset. Science shows that those with this approach have stronger immune systems. (The link is to research in Chapter 6 of the book at the link).
  2. Implement Yoga For Immune System. Ideally come to our class by that name, online or in-studio.
  3. Read and implement the practices indicated by the research of Dr Merad. She has studied the impact of COVID on individuals. Her suggestions include a range of health practices, especially to reduce inflammation. She has herself implemented them.
  4. Use the ten FREE pranayama classes pass to try out pranayama breath mediation. This new book, by Dr Patrick McKeown, indicates how such breathing practices help in these challenging times.

If you don’t already do yoga, I suggest also at least trying it via Flametree’s 2 week free trial for beginners. 

Even in beginner yoga, you’ll start doing poses that build your immune system. Once you’re done at least 6 weeks of beginner yoga, you can then consider special classes like Yoga For Immune System, or the breath meditation free introductory classes.

In normal Flametree classes, in the coming weeks, as we will also be doing even more to implement poses and mindsets that research indicates are helpful.

In summary, as well as my booster vaccination, I’m also doing immune system poses, building a positive mindset, reducing inflammation, & improving my breathing.

Beginner Yoga Darwin City, Palmerston, Casuarina, & Woolner. Plus online

Beginner level yoga can be started at any time.

There are many options, including online, in-studio, or both.

Follow the relevant links to learn more about our beginner yoga deals.

From the two week period starting on Monday 24 January 2022, you can join the beginner course, in-studio or online.

If you are in the Darwin region, there will be yoga classes in each of Palmerston, Casuarina, CBD, and Woolner.

Details are on the beginner timetable, and non-beginner timetable.

In addition, here are the best options for IN-STUDIO Darwin City & region classes.

See or try the best beginner yoga in the studio or online

Non beginner deal: 14 days for AUS$29, online or in-studio

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