Yogis For Ukraine Humanitarian Help.

Donation Yoga Classes For Ukraine Russia War Humanitarian Help.

How I Put Non-violence, Gratitude, & Truthfulness Into Action.

Flametree Yoga has donation classes for the Ukrainian victims of the Ukraine Russia War. It’s for humanitarian help. All donations will go to an organisation helping Ukrainian victims of the Russian Ukraine war. More details are below. Entry to the classes are by donation, as outlined below. Please be a Yogi For Ukraine.

Ukraine Russian war donation class program

  1. Donate $10 or more to the Red Cross Ukraine appeal at https://www.redcross.org.au/ukraine/
  2. Provide information to Flametree to confirm that such donation is made. Send it to [email protected]   (For example, forward a receipt).
  3. Then do a free class at Flametree by reserving a class at https://flametreeroom1.punchpass.com/ (for non-beginners), or for beginners, at https://flametreeroom1.punchpass.com/ (See more below on this).
  4. Further amounts donated entitle you to further free classes. For example, a $20 donation gets you two classes.

Conditions for the donation classes

  • Unless otherwise discussed with us, so as to manage our space, a maximum of 3 of these donation classes are available to any student.
  • If you have not done Iyengar yoga (or don’t even know what it is), then please do classes from the beginner timetable.
  • Over time, these conditions may change to facilitate the donation program.
  • The program is available until otherwise notified.

You can also attend the donation yoga classes online

All classes are available online or in-the-studio (in Darwin, Australia).

Please feel free to bring a friend. Please either donate on their behalf too, (and tell us their name), or share this page with them. (See the sharing button at the bottom of this page).

Then your friend can also see how to get their own donation class pass.

Below, there is also more about how non-violence, gratitude, and truthfulness are yogic approaches to a better life. So, being a Yogi For Ukraine helps put these approaches into action.

The yogic principles we outline below are appropriate to many situations.

Please also stay in touch with us too. As part of putting our principles into action, we will be doing more donation classes for this and other important issues.

Ukraine Russia War

The yoga donation class program for Ukraine Russia War humanitarian help is at Flametree Yoga Studio, online & in-studio (in Darwin, Australia).

Reserve your yoga class for Ukraine Russia War humanitarian help

Please do a yoga donation class for the Ukraine Russia War humanitarian help provided by Red Cross.

For those who have an existing Flametree Yoga pass, such classes will not be a debit on any regular Flametree yoga pass that you hold. In other words, it is a free yoga class, subject only to what you choose to donate.

Maybe use the program to do a few extra classes than you may normally do?

At the class reservation links, you’ll also see the normal timetable of Flametree yoga classes.

Obviously, you don’t have to be a Flametree Yoga student to attend. In that case, you’ll just be prompted to create a free class reservation account in order to book.

After you’ve made a class reservation for an online yoga class, you’ll be emailed a link to join the ZOOM yoga class. If you need it, here’s more on reserving a class, or doing yoga online.

russian ukraine war

Belinda Hoult (pictured), has already co-taught a yoga special donation class for Ukrainian humanitarian help in the Russian Ukraine war. I thank her for initiating Flametree’s Yogis For Ukraine program. 

How your donation will give humanitarian help

Flametree has already taught one special donation class for humanitarian help. In that class, over $1,600 Australian dollars was raised.

We may teach more special classes too. In the meantime, people can now use this donation class program to make further donations to help Ukrainians.

As we’ve said, all donations will help the work of Red Cross in Ukraine.

(Only 10% of the donations that Red Cross receives is used for administration. We think that’s a reasonable amount to ensure the work of a brand that can be trusted, and is fully accountable).

On our social media, Flametree will also report back on the amounts raised.

Can’t attend class, but want to donate to Ukraine Russia War humanitarian help?

We understand that you may not be able to physically attend the special donation class, or classes.

Obviously, you can also donate directly to the Ukraine Russia War humanitarian work.

This can be done whether or not you use the ongoing donation class program outlined on this page.

As we said, all donations are to help Ukrainian victims of Russian Ukraine war.

So you can at any time, with or without doing a donation yoga class, use this Red Cross donation link to directly make a tax-deductible donation.

(If you donate, and don’t come to a class, we’d love it if you’d confidentially let us know your contribution. Then, we will tell everyone just the total amount that has been raised. Please reach out to us via the Customer Service Contacts).

russia ukraine war

Chris Lalor, Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, founder of Flametree Yoga Darwin, Australia, & author of this Post. 

Yoga and non-violence

To give you more context for our donation request, here’s more on yoga and non-violence.

“Ahimsa” means non-violence. It includes living in a way that you are not violent to yourself, or to others.

Mr BKS Iyengar spoke about yoga being like a tree.

He talked about building yourself as if you were growing a new tree.

You grow best from good foundations that you continually water and nourish.

Implementing the moral and ethical foundations of yoga, including non-violence, allows you to lead a better and happier life.

Be sensitive to the impact of your actions

Michael Stone, a yoga philosopher, also says: “In being sensitive to the effects of our actions, we open up to the greater good.”

It means becoming aware of your actions on yourself, and on others.

Truthfulness is also part of the 8 limbs of yoga.

In this context, it means being true to yourself, as well as honest about the effect of your actions on yourself and others.

(Obviously, we think self defence, in the face of aggression, is appropriate.)

Build more gratitude into your daily life

Gratitude also needs to be a key part of our yogic lives.

In this regard, donating helps to remind us to be grateful for all that we have right here in peaceful Australia, or wherever you live.

In addition, getting fit and calm, while helping people survive, is a privilege.

I’m shocked and outraged at the death and destruction in Ukraine.

So I encourage everyone make good use of our donation class program, or to otherwise donate, so as to support those fleeing, or being disrupted by extreme violence in Ukraine.

Let’s put some more of the principles of yoga into action.

Please be a Yogi For Ukraine

All of this is part of why I (Chris Lalor) therefore ask you to support Flametree’s donation class program for humanitarian help in Ukraine.

We will also let you know if there are further special donation classes at Flametree Yoga Studio, online & in-studio (at 19 Bishop St, Woolner, Darwin, Australia).

One way or another, please donate for Ukraine humanitarian support.

Ahimsa Yoga

Non-violence, truthfulness & gratitude are yogic approaches to a better life. Being a Yogi For Ukraine helps put these principles & practices into action.

Australian floods fundraising yoga class is coming soon too

In a few weeks, Flametree Yoga will also be running another fundraising yoga class.

This time the donation yoga class will be for helping those in Queensland and Northern NSW parts of Australia. As you may know, they have suffered major losses due to the recent floods.

More details of this donation yoga class are coming soon. So please stay tuned.

And last, for this important Ukrainian humanitarian cause, at the risk of saying the obvious, please share this post on your social media, or otherwise.

Please do whatever you can to help Ukraine Iyengar yogis helping Ukrainian victims of Russian Ukraine war.

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Other free yoga or breath meditation options

On this Flametree Yoga site, there are many FREE yoga and meditation options.

As well as being effective for trauma, yoga and meditation are especially good for anxiety and de-stressing.

Check out the yoga options under the “Free Yoga” tab on this site, or see our summary of free yoga options. Or save them for later.

If you are searching for meditation or pranayama classes, and you’re a non-beginner at yoga, then get started with ten free breath meditation and pranayama classes. 

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