Yoga classes for beginners run constantly, with 2 weeks FREE to start.

Beginner COURSES run regularly as part of these classes.

See yoga classes for beginners. LIVE online or in-studio with 2 week FREE deal

New NON-BEGINNERS get 14 days for just $29

Ongoing yoga classes for beginners

Yoga classes for beginners run continuously. Do them online, or in the 4 Flametree studios. If you’re looking for “Beginner yoga near me”, or “yoga classes for beginners in my area”, remember that online classes means a convenient and high quality yoga option is always near you. It’s near you whether you are at home, at work, travelling, or holidaying. Here’s some information to help you choose.

The 6 week ONLINE beginner course, including a free two week trial is just $37.50 for the whole 6 weeks.

Other passes also include regular online or in-studio 6 week Beginner Yoga Courses.

The yoga classes for beginners, and beginner courses, teach you simple, introductory poses. So no flexibility is needed. As a result, starting yoga is an enjoyable experience.

Plus, each week, you learn new poses. The poses from the previous week are also revised.

This easy and friendly approach ensures that you are introduced to the basics of the popular “Iyengar Yoga” style in a well-rounded manner. As a result, you can become comfortable and confident with the poses.

The yoga classes for beginners are available in a week-to-week beginner subscription. It includes 2 weeks free & a money back guarantee.

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What to wear, and yoga props

At our studios, all yoga props are supplied, including mats. Just wear comfortable clothes.

If you’re doing yoga at home, props can simply be household furniture like chairs.

You can buy some special props if you wish. Learn more about the yoga prop options.

Beginner course option

The Beginner Course Pass is a 6 week unlimited classes pass. It entitles you to attend as many classes per week as you like over the period.

Each week there are many Beginners class times to choose from.

The benefits of doing yoga are immense, including improved fitness, flexibility, health and wellbeing.

So its important when starting out to get a good grounding in the “basics”.

Those are just some of the reasons that make this the best “yoga classes for beginners in my area”.

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See our class timetable for when the next course starts and class times in our local Darwin Australia time zone, as well as in your own local time zone.

All beginner week to week subscriptions, courses, ten passes, and casual classes are on the Flametree Yoga prices page.

At the end of several weeks of yoga classes for beginners, you’ll be ready to consider what to do next. Some people move to a higher level. Others do the Beginner course again.

You can join a Beginner class up until 2 weeks after it has started, providing space is available.

Get started with these free trials, and other great deals, or see more about how to choose a yoga studio.

If you need help or more details, please contact our Customer Service Team here, or via the at the bottom bottom of this page.

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