When I Do Heaps Of Gardening, Yoga For Lower Back Pain Is My “Fix”

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When Susie appeared last week in The Wednesday night Yoga for Backcare class, complaining of a sore lower back as a result of overdoing the gardening, I (Chris) totally understood.

We live in Darwin. This year there has been lots of rain. I am not complaining, because it has been just the best Wet season for years. Everything is so green and the temperature in the morning and evening is mild and delightful.  The one downside is that all our gardens have grown totally out of control.

Susie has been doing yoga for a year, with a focus on yoga for lower back pain.

Over the last year of coming to yoga classes, Susie has learnt how to be more aware of her back, and to work with it in a way that improved it, but did not hurt it.

We chatted and I suggested the right yoga for lower back pain

Susie originally started yoga by joining a Beginners Backcare Focus class, and an Easy Restorative class. I had recommended those two classes after a phone conversation. In the call, Susie explained that her back was causing her distress and starting to affect her performance at work.

Her job is demanding. She explained that there never seemed to be enough hours in a day to do all she had to do!  Yoga helped Susie get stronger.  She learnt how to listen to her body. After about 8 months of coming to two classes each week Susie moved to the next level, called Transition to Intermediate.

At either beginner or Transition to Intermediate level, I also said that Gentle yoga is a good option.

The Wednesday night back care focus is a great class for strengthening your back. It is good for Beginners, as well non-Beginners like Susie. You get to understand how to focus your mind so you can see what effect your habits have on your back.

We are our own worst enemy!

Many of us are our own worst enemy. We push through pain, and take medication to keep working.  We also don’t take time to relax or unwind so the body and mind can repair with a good night’s sleep.

Most of the time we have no idea of the effect of bad posture on our backs. Yes, we can feel after a day of sitting in front of a computer, how stiff the shoulders, neck and back are. But we really can never really “see” ourselves. Students are often amazed because I can take one look at them, and know what poses will work for them. As an objective and trained outsider, I can see what is likely going on, and what will help.

This is where yoga is brilliant. That’s because the postures show you the difference between the right and left side of the body. In the process, they show how uneven most of us are, and how we favour one side.

The back-care focus class aims to stretch the back, teach you how to spread (or extend and flatten) your back. At the same time, you learn how to safely tone abdominal muscles, and build core strength to strengthen the lower back.

Yoga for lower back pain with easy postures

Flametree has a large beginner timetable of LIVE online & in-studio classes. It’s genuine, modern classical yoga that fully delivers all the many benefits of yoga. It gets you into the correct positions to naturally help your body and mind work to heal you, and maximise your potential.

Please consider the Back Care Yoga Special Focus class at 7pm every Wednesday. It’s taught by Senior Yoga Teacher Chris Lalor. Yoga for lower back pain is an important part of it, but there is much more too.

Chris has over 20 years teaching yoga, and is among a group of the more senior and experienced teachers in Australia. Her knowledge, teacher and experience is signified by the fact that she is part of a group that certifies the training of other yoga teachers in Australia. The point is that in her Back Care class, you are in getting the benefit of her huge yoga teaching skills.

Other easy classes that are especially suitable for those with back issues, are the Gentle Yoga class on Fridays at 10.15am, or Saturdays at 12 noon (Darwin NT time), and Easy Restorative Yoga class at 4pm on Saturdays.

Special Focus classes are useful to all beginners, even though they have a particular focus. The classes are part of Flametree’s Beginner Yoga Course.

LIVE online or in-studio classes

All classes are LIVE online and in-studio.

Live online means you can see and hear the teacher, and get on the spot guidance. But you can also turn off your own video if you wish. This means you can see and hear the teacher, but nobody can see you!

Check out a FREE video of a Beginner Class, or get started

At the link, you can see Chris Lalor teaching a Gentle Focus one hour beginner class. Back Care classes are another type of so-called Special Focus Beginner class.

The free video class will get a sense of how yoga classes are taught, using demonstrations and verbal instructions.

If you want, you can even do the free yoga video class and see what you think. See the FREE video yoga class here.

Another option is to get more information on the weekly Back Care class, here.

Or learn more about any of the other and numerous benefits of yoga.

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Raj, a long term student at Flametree, can also tell you about how Flametree’s Backcare Yoga fixed a debilitating back condition. 

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