The Wonders of Chair Yoga

If you have used a chair for yoga, then you already know that it can help you explore your yoga and experience new sensations in your body in a quite playful way.

It can also unlock blockages in your body and mind, and show you a whole new way of viewing the pose and yourself.

If you have never used a chair to practise your yoga, then you are in for an exciting time.

The pictures in this post show some of the many ways a chair can be used in yoga.

How and why chair yoga works

Here’s a few quick points on how and why chair yoga works so well.

  1. The chair lets the nervous system and hormonal system work together so you can nourish each and every cell in your body.
  2. A chair works because you can stay for longer periods of time than you would without a chair. For example, this lets you access glands, and the releases from glands, even more effectively.
  3. For non-beginners, you can get into positions that further develop flexibility or strength, or both.
  4. For beginners, chair poses help you get started, by making some postures more accessible.
  5. Chairs help because you have more gravity in your favour, plus a fulcrum to work around.
  6. A yoga chair also allows you to with resistance, such as pulling on the bar under the chair.

chair yoga pose
There is no end to what you can discover. First make sure the chair you use is solid. Then place it on a rubber mat so it does not slide.

Try some chair yoga poses

I suggest start using the chair for standing poses. It gives you a great sense of direction and helps achieve correct alignment.

You will be sure to discover many parts of your body you haven’t opened before. Among other things, the chair lets you stay longer in standing poses.

If you are a Beginner this helps to increase your strength without becoming so fatigued. Poses like downward facing dog pose are wonderful to do with a chair.

chair yoga pose

When you are stiff or weak in the arms, the chair lets you slowly build up your strength as well as stretch out your hamstrings!

Sitting on a chair while practising standing poses opens and tones your inner thighs in a most profound way.

For those with back issues it is a very safe way to strengthen your back. It also gives you courage to try a little more challenging pose.

chair yoga pose

I find the chair particularly helpful in seated poses and twists. You can use the chair as a lever to open your body and find a greater range of movement and flexibility in the spine.

Most of us find forward bends difficult and it is here that the chair really shines. With your arms on the chair, you use momentum to go forward, stay longer, and even relax in the pose.

The chair can also help you find a quiet restful state of mind. It is used in restorative yoga to help you stay longer and truly quieten your nervous system.

In restorative yoga, so many different poses can be done. They include backbends, inversions, and forward bends.

chair yoga pose

If you can buy a chair without a back in it, you can become even more inventive in how you use it to do your yoga. There is really no limit to what you can discover.

How to get started with more chair yoga

There’s more at this link about how to improvise yoga props around home, or where to buy them off the shelf

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2 Replies to “The Wonders of Chair Yoga”

  1. Dee says:

    what are good benefits of the Restorative chair pose and are there other poses or things like the Restorative chair pose that will or can help with sleep and if so I would love some more information because I am doing my research on How does anxiety and depression affect sleep patterns in adolescents and what are the strategies that are most effective in managing your sleep patten? , I would love a lot of information about this topic to further my research project.

  2. stuart mcgill says:

    Hi Dee. The benefits of restorative yoga are in at least a couple of our blog posts… if you look back thru them… and they would apply to that particular pose. I also also suggest having a look at the our blogs on sleep. Plus having a look thru some of the many posts we have done on both topics on our Facebook page… where is there are many long and useful posts on how and why yoga works.

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