Yoga For Premenstrual Lower Back Pain, & Other PMS Symptoms

Premenstrual fatigue, bloating, sore breasts, headaches, mood swings, insomnia, tension?

Try best of the natural remedies for premenstrual tension, & the other symptoms

Including a natural premenstrual insomnia treatment

Want to reduce or fix premenstrual lower back pain, pmt premenstrual tension, or any of the other premenstrual symptoms? Try the best of the natural remedies for premenstrual tension, plus a top natural premenstrual insomnia treatment.

Here’s why and how you can do a range of easy yoga poses that will give you relief.

Every woman experiences  different symptoms leading up to menstruation.

At that stage of my life, before I started yoga, my menstrual symptoms were severe. Once I started regular yoga, they largely disappeared.

The length of time for the premenstrual stage can vary. The severity of symptoms can also vary.

At this time, some women feel physically exhausted. Other women feel mentally and emotionally out of balance.

Lower back pain is an issue for many women during this time of the month. Both the sequences below will help reduce pelvic congestion and alleviate back pain to a great degree.

Restorative and standing yoga sequences

There are two parts to the sequence of yoga poses below.

One part can be done as a restorative sequence. It will help address issues around fatigue, bloating, sore breasts, headaches, mood swings, insomnia, tension, and irritability.

The other sequence has standing poses along with restorative poses. The standing poses will help to keep the mind quiet, as well as feel “grounded” when feeling agitated.

The milder standing poses also help premenstrual-lower-back-pain.

When unable to settle and find quietness, just do the supine (lying) poses, and forward bends. This will help shift blood into the pelvic area. It will also help with stiffness in the hips. The supports used will also help  to keep the abdomen in a soft state.

These natural remedies for premenstrual tension hep in perimenopause too

Below, I’m giving you pictures of poses, with a short comment on the uses or benefits of each pose.

Both of these sequences (restorative, and more active standing poses) will also deliver relief for women who are dealing with issues around perimenopause. Often as women move towards perimenopause, premenopausal symptoms worsen.

All poses are for premenstruation. Where they also help perimenopause or other situations, I have added a comment to that effect.

Reclining Poses

Postmenstruation 1

         Supine Bound angle pose.

This pose helps relieve congestion in the pelvic area, helps with premenstrual cramps, opens the chest area, quietens the mind and calms the nerves.

 Supine Cross leg PoseSupine fish Pose

Helps opens the hip joints; reduce pelvic pain. Helps with fluid retention in the legs. Calms the mind, & quietens your nerves. Opens the chest area so it uplifts your spirits. Hold 2-3 mins each side.

Helps bloating, soreness in breasts. Very good to bring flexibility in hip joints and pelvis. Tones abdominal muscles and pelvic organs. Can help with fibroids. Hold 2-3 mins each side.


 An alternative:

natural remedies for premenstrual tension

Supine cross leg pose

Premenstruation & Menstruation. Helps opens the hip joints; reduce pelvic pain. Helps with fluid retention in the legs. Calms the mind, & quietens your nerves. Opens the chest area so it uplifts your spirits.

Yoga sequence for -menstruation 11

Reclining Hero Pose

This pose also helps reduce premenstrual abdominal discomfort, and helps  the nervous system relax. In addition, it releases deep inner  groin muscles and opens the front of the hips. It also allows the abdomen to soften and helps the diaphragm relax.  When feeling tired it provides rest and rejuvenation.

Forward Childs PoseForward Childs Pose.

Relaxes back muscles, Help with backspin, bloating, flatulence. Aids hip flexibility. Soothes nerves & quietens mind, helping with mood swings & irritability. Hold  2- 3-mins.

Yoga Sequence

                             Lying down big toe 2 pose

This pose helps relieve lower back pain. It also helps relieve pelvic congestion and general discomfort in the pelvic region.

Downward Facing Dog PoseDownward Facing Dog Pose

For premenstruation  (when feeling tired or stressed). Stretches spine / releases tension in neck and shoulders, restores energy, increases circulation around breasts , helps with constipation, helps with headaches and helps supply to glands (head and throat) Hold 2-3 mins.

If feeling very tired skip the following standing poses

If you are very tired, the standing poses below, that have a double asterisk in the caption underneath them, can be skipped.

Yoga sequence for -menstruation 11**Mountain pose

Creates physical and emotional steadiness. Tones inner thighs, and resets organs into their correct place. Alignment also helps premenstrual-lower-back-pain.

Mountain pose-arms up**Mountain pose-arms up

Creates physical and emotional steadiness. Lifts your spirits.  Tones inner thighs, and resets abdominal organs into their correct place. Also helps premenstrual lower back pain.

Triangle Pose
**Triangle Pose

Can help relieve back pain and menstrual cramps. Tones internal organs, help improve digestion and elimination and helps reduce menstrual disorders. Facing the wall allows organic body to soften. Quietens mind.

Half moon pose-with block**Half moon pose-with block

Keeps hip joint open, improves circulation to abdominal organs. Can have foot supported to help lower back pain.

ead to knee Pose**Head to knee Pose..

Lengthens the spine. Improves circulation to abdominal organs. Helps relieve lower back pain and cramps, bloating.

Head to Knee Pose**Head to Knee Pose

Rests back body, relieves back ache, quietens mind. Softens abdomen, relieves fatigue. Can do this version if tired.

Intense Forward Standing pose**Intense Forward Standing pose.

Head lifted helps reduce abdominal tension & abdominal cramps. Spine is lengthened. Helps with backache. Nourishes glands in throat. Helps circulation in neck and shoulders.

Wide Angle Standing Pose**Wide Angle Standing Pose 

Tones uterus, can help with prolapse. Tones inner thighs, legs, strengthens back.

Wide Angle Standing pose**Wide Angle Standing pose.

Non-standing poses

Supported trunk. Relaxes the abdomen, improves circulation into ovaries and uterus. Helps with low backpain, bloating. Soothes nerves, quietens mind. Relieves Fatigue. This is an alternative version that can be done.

Helps recover from fatigue, Opens chest, lungs, helps with depression and mood swings. Releases tension in diaphragm helps deepen breathing. Improves circulation in throat( thyroid glands), adrenal glands. Helps with PMT.

Head StandHead Stand.

Invigorates whole system. Helps circulation to glands in brain & throat. Bring uterus into proper position. Quietens mind, helps mood swings, improves concentration, brings courage and emotional stability. In addition, practise different leg variations if able. Do Cross bolsters as an alternative.

Leg variations in headstand, or an alternative to headstand

online yogaHeadstand-leg variations

Headstand-legs in cobbler pose.

Backbend in restorative style

Supported BackbendSupported Backbend.

Milder backbend


Cross bolsters
Cross bolsters – alternative to headstand

Wide angle seated Forward bendWide angle seated Forward bend

Lets abdomen soften and rest.  Reduces abdominal pain, bloating and cramping. Tones pelvic area, & inner thighs. Helps with bladder issues. Opens hips, quietens mind & relieves backpain. Reduces irritability.

Experienced yogaShoulderstand…

Quietens mind. Soothes nerves and brings emotional steadiness. Nourishes and balances thyroid and parathyroid in throat. Help with constipation, regulates blood pressure. Flushes toxins out of the body. Can help with prolapse or displaced uterus.

Yoga Sequence for Menopause 18

                                                              Supported Bridge pose.

Both premenstruation & menstruation. Revitalizing Relaxing. Tones kidneys, adrenal glands opens chest. Also soothes nerves. Reduces mood swings. Helps with headaches. Aids sleep.

Forward bends

All forward quieten the mind. For this reason, they are important for premenstrual insomnia treatment. Or for sleep issues and tension from any other cause.

Yoga Sequence for Menopause 19

                                Cross legs Forward

For both premenstruation & menstruation. Quietens nerves. Relaxes back muscles, helps constipation, abdominal bloating, high blood pressure.

Cross leg seated twist-to sideCross leg seated twist-to side.

Bent knee forward bend with chair
Bent knee forward bend with chair.

For both premenstruation & menstruation. Quietens nerves. Relaxes back muscles, helps constipation, abdominal bloating, menstrual cramps high blood pressure.

Relaxation to finish

The pose immediately below, so-called Legs Up The Wall, is my favourite for premenstrual insomnia treatment, or for anyone with sleep or tension issues.

Waterfall poseWaterfall pose. Especially good for premenstrual insomnia treatment 

Quietens mind. Drains lymphatic fluid for whole body, Improves circulation, helps with inflammation, hormonal balance, bloating , mood swings, sleep, anxiety.

Corpse poseCorpse pose

Rests body, helps reduce backpain, quietens mind, relieves fatigue, helps with moodiness & irritability.

Relief of premenstrual-lower-back-pain, & much more

I found that before my period started, and before yoga, I was like a bear with a sore head!

Over time, I suffered the full gamut of common premenstrual symptoms I’ve mentioned, including fatigue, premenstrual-lower-back-pain, bloating, sore breasts, headaches, mood swings, insomnia, tension, and irritability.

For me, yoga stopped or greatly reduced all these symptoms.

Fortunately, I started yoga before perimenopause, because these symptoms get worse at that stage of a woman’s life.

So I hope you find this extended set of yoga poses for premenstrual symptoms useful.

We also do many of these in the Women Only classes, and restorative yoga classes.

These natural remedies for premenstrual tension changed my life forever.

Give yoga… the natural “treatment” for over 100 conditions… a big, or bigger, role in your life.

End PMS, and much more.

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Last, here’s another blog post and video on yoga poses for period pain.


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