Best Yoga Poses For Hips


Best Yoga Poses For Hips


Best Yoga Poses For Hips Classes & Course.

For Hip Yoga Introduction, See Flametree’s Beginner Yoga Video Course.


  • This hip yoga course is not scheduled right now. See our Beginner Yoga Video Course instead.
  • When our hip yoga course is scheduled, you get 3 daily, one and a half hour classes, online or in-studio.
  • Classes will cover the best yoga poses for hips including yoga for hip pain, hip osteoarthritis, hip opening, & more.
  • Do hip yoga as one set of 3 special focus classes, or as one or two individual classes as suits you.
  • These are normal mixed level non-beginner classes, but with a hip posture focus (with a little more comment & explanation than average, such as about muscle groups to work on.)
  • Attendees need to have at least 3 months of yoga experience (though they can still otherwise be at Beginner Level).
  • Total beginners at yoga, with hip issues, can try Flametree’s Gentle Yoga, using a 10 pack at half price (& 2 free classes).
  • These hip focus classes are open to men and women. (Both have their own challenges with hips).
  • Taught by Chris Lalor, accredited Senior Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist.
  • For this package of 3 classes (for a total of 4.5 hours of yoga), get the early bird price of $49. (Then $59).
  • You can also use regular passes, such as pay-by-the-week (subscription), or 10 class passes, or casual non-beginner passes of $21 each.
  • No matter how you’re paying, reserve all of the one, two, or three classes you are coming to, on the non-beginner reservation page, here.
  • Numbers in the studio are strictly limited to safe, comfortable levels. So please buy a pass & reserve a class

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With Senior Teacher Chris Lalor

These hip focus, mix non-beginner yoga classes are taught by Chris Lalor.

She’s an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, whose been practising yoga and pranayama daily for over 25 years.

yoga for hips

Chris Lalor, Senior Yoga Teacher at Flametree.

When and where

The 3 long weekend classes, at Flametree’s Woolner studio, and online.

Time: 9.45-11.15am.

It’s early enough so you can get on with the rest of your long weekend.

Plus, please consider starting with the Pranayama Breath Meditation Introduction that will run each long weekend day from 8.30am-9.30am.

In this regard, Pranayama Breath Meditation is very useful as part of yoga for hips. That’s because many of the poses you’ll learn and practise are best done with a meditative approach.

Prerequisites and conditions

Please only attend if you’ve done at least 3 months of yoga.

These classes are also normal non-beginner classes, and any one casual non-beginner class is normally $21. (Or less via any non-beginner packages or passes).

However, these special focus classes could still be of interest and use to those who have done, or are doing Flametree’s ongoing beginner level classes.

If you feel that applies to you, then I’d be, as always, delighted to see you.

Those doing such beginner level classes will either need to buy this 3 class package, or otherwise purchase casual non-beginner classes for those classes you plan on attending.

Set up and yoga props

At the studio, most props you’ll need are supplied, including mats.

At home, online students should have as many of the sort of props we outline on our yoga props page (as there will be some restorative yoga poses).

It’s ideal if online students have their camera on. Then you can also get interactive feedback. But it’s up to you.

Class prices and reservations

The pass for this course, including all that’s listed above, is $49, and higher after the early bird price has expired.

We want to be sure we manage space safely, as well as ensure students get plenty of opportunity to attend these classes.

If you need more proof of the power and effectiveness of Flametree’s yoga teaching, check out the personal stories and reviews by Flametree students.

So please buy a pass, or any of Flametree’s Non-Beginner packages, and then reserve all the classes you’re attending.

Reserve your class at Flametree class reservations for non-beginners. At this reservation page, just look for the yoga for hips classes on the relevant dates.

Class numbers have a limit, both in-studio and online, so don’t miss out.

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Questions about the best yoga poses for hips

For more details or questions, see below, or contact us.

You can also reach us via Messenger through the chat button on this Flametree site.

No matter how much yoga you’ve done, you’ll still find these classes an excellent opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge.

Remember, it’s $49 until just before the event, and then $59 after that.

This hip yoga course is not scheduled right now. See our Beginner Yoga Video Course instead. 

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Best Yoga Poses For Hips Classes On Long Weekend

Your hip joints are the largest, weight bearing joints you have. It’s critical that they work well. Otherwise, you get pain, and disruption to your life. Flametree’s yoga for hips special focus classes will give you poses to maximise hip flexibility, & help avoid issues that crop up all to often. It will include yoga for hip flexors. So, help avoid arthritis, bursitis, lower back issues, mobility issues, and more.

The ebb and flow of a woman’s hormones can also drive other issues with hips.

If you are dealing with hip main, even to a small extent, it’s also worth considering the wise approach of Mr Iyengar, to pain management, and yoga for hips in general.

So try Flametree’s best yoga poses for hips classes over the coming long weekend.

The page below further outlines such matters.

The 3 special focus yoga for hips classes, available online & in-studio, will outline the key issues even further, present poses to manage and improve hip issues. The very well informed commentary by Senior Teacher Chris Lalor will also help you avoid hip issues coming up for you at all.

yoga for hips and lower back

Using a belt to improve flexibility in hips and hamstrings. This is also a useful pose for yoga for lower back & hip flexors. By the way, if you’re a total beginner at yoga, with hip issues, then we suggest you start with Flametree’s Gentle Yoga, using a 10 pack at half price (& 2 free classes)

Important to both men and women

Both genders have major and specific challenges with their hips. So hip yoga is important for both genders.

For example, women’s hips get tighter with menopause, unless they focus on poses such as you learn in hip yoga.

On the other hand, men in general, are stiffer than women. Although they often do manual work that exercises their hips, they also do plenty of things like golf. Golf mainly works one side of the body, and is an example of specific issues from particular and popular activities.

But, as you know, many of use simply don’t move enough, or don’t get sufficient bone health nutrition, or both. So its another reason why hip yoga is useful to all.

These best yoga poses for hips will work well for both genders.

My quick video on the many benefits from our classes on this issue

Yoga for hip pain

For more on yoga for hip pain, watch me, and listen to me, at this tiny Youtube video I made about both benefits like cutting stiffness, and also how to do yoga for bursitis.

Follow our yoga workshops or mini courses

If you like our yoga for hips and other training, please remember it is a part of Flametree’s useful & interesting Iyengar yoga workshops.

Our workshops depend on the availability of all of our highly trained teachers, so please don’t miss the opportunity to attend our workshops, or retreats.

Please also follow Flametree’s Facebook Page, or our TikTok page.

Because our trainings are also online, they’re also easy to do if you are travelling, or away from home over holidays and long weekends.

Most importantly, yoga and breathwork have also been proven to help at least 117 health conditions. They’re especially well known for helping hips and hip pain.

Feel better, perform better and improve your health. Come along to our special classes on the best yoga poses for hips.

Plus, if you’re a total beginner at yoga, with hip issues, then we suggest you start with Flametree’s Gentle Yoga, using a 10 pack at half price (& 2 free classes).

The best yoga poses for hips training works extremely well online

yoga course for beginners

You can also use your PC, tablet or phone to join this intensive. Or join us at our Woolner studio. To get a link to join our ONLINE Zoom classes, please remember to make a class reservation for each individual class, via Flametree’s Punchpass reservation app for non-beginner classes

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