Why yogic breathing techniques are powerful.

yogic breathing pose pranayama

Yogic Breathing, Via A Mini Pranayama Course. Get Pranic Energy. It’s best to learn Pranayama yogic breathing in the lying position. All techniques are in pranayama course & pranayama training. Mini Pranayama Course in yogic breating. See more. Yogic breathing, or pranayama breath meditation, delivers energy, calmness, and much more. Here’s more about pranayama, to […]

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Yoga For Backs Worked, Says Raj

yoga for hips hamstrings and lower back

Lower back, upper back, and neck yoga fixed Raj’s back. In addition, yoga for middle back pain, as well as yoga for hips, hamstrings, and lower back, were a huge help. Below, Raj tells his story of a major spinal accident. To fix it, nothing else worked but yoga. Check out his powerful story of […]

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