Darwin Rotary Club: Holistic Yoga Benefits Talk

Darwin Rotary Club Presentation On Holistic Yoga.

What Is Holistic Yoga Darwin Style? How It works, & What It Delivers.

Holistic Yoga And Meditation Slides From Rotary Club Of Darwin Meeting.

By Dr Stuart McGill, Yoga Teacher, Flametree Yoga Studio, Darwin NT.

Here are key points from a Darwin Rotary Club talk by Flametree Yoga Darwin NT.  Flametree is a holistic yoga studio. Below, you can flick easily through the slides from this Rotary Club Darwin presentation. Plus, at the end of the page, there are some HALF PRICE & FREE yoga deals outlined for Rotary Darwin members who want to try holistic yoga and meditation.

The pictures in the Darwin Rotary Club slides also add a lot to the headline points listed below.

As Stuart McGill outlines in the slides, he had a practical no-nonsense background on a cattle station in the NT.

For instance, his family were one of the donors for this statute of an Indigenous stockman in Katherine NT.

So, Stuart’s first point is that yoga and meditation are not woo woo stuff, or otherwise he wouldn’t be so heavily involved with such techniques.

Slides From Darwin Rotary Club Presentation

(To flick through, just click on the slides, or use the arrows underneath the slides)

Check out these Darwin Rotary Club slides about yoga & breath meditation, their benefits, & how they work.

Why I do holistic yoga and meditation

  • I, Stuart McGill, have a very practical, professional, background
  • For a start, I was brought up in the Northern Territory, chasing cattle
  • Now, I have about 12 years of tertiary education
  • I also worked in legal and economic roles around the world
  • My point is that Flametree Yoga in Darwin, or wherever, is not woo woo.
  • If it was, I wouldn’t now be doing a lot of Darwin yoga, and working at a holistic yoga studio like Flametree.
  • For me, personally, holistic yoga delivers all the benefits I’ve outlined below, including in the Rotary Darwin slides themselves.

Rotary Club of Darwin discussion points on holistic yoga

  • Yogic practices include yoga & meditation (aka holistic yoga).
  • Yoga in Darwin, or wherever, is doable & easy!
  • Definition of yoga: A practice to quieten your mind
  • Problem: Most of us are “wired” 24/7!
  • As a result, we also often work in toxic, unpleasant, or less productive workplaces.
  • Relationships also suffer from stress, or lack of self-management skills
  • Stress also drives “comfort eating” (& drinking)
  • Benefits of yoga: Be fit, calm, flexible, strong, & happy
  • Yogic practices expand particular brain waves
  • These holistic yoga practices deliver by being a mind & body practice

Darwin Rotary Club Presentati0n on how to cut stress, & more

holistic yoga and meditation studio

Meditation expands the Alpha and Theta brain waves, thereby giving you more of the benefits holistic yoga and meditation. Meditation has many benefits, but is especially useful for helping deal with stress and its impacts, such as blood pressure and hypertension.

The vagus nerve is central to holistic yoga

  • Vagus nerve gives you a major brain – gut connection
  • By the way, “Vagus” means wandering
  • Vagus nerve is main nerve of your parasympathetic nervous system
  • Humans are fine tuned for survival. To run from danger, and then recover!
  • But many spend too much time in the sympathetic nervous system (including in Darwin gyms)
  • If we don’t recover, & have more balance, we’re too exhausted, hyped, & aggressive!

What is holistic yoga Darwin style?

  • Holistic yoga practices improve your parasympathetic balance
  • Holistic yoga also delivers compassion, kindness, de-stressing, & better health.
  • Otherwise, your responses are from your automatic nervous system
  • You need yogic practices to enable you to impact automatic responses
  • Yogic practices are an access to the power of your vagus nerve, & glands
  • Vagus nerve “talks to” master gland (pituitary)
  • Pituitary gland “directs” your other glands
  • Glands then secrete hormones like cortisol (stress), oxytocin (“love”), adrenaline (energy)
  • From holistic yoga, we therefore get better ‘vagal’ tone.

For More On These Brain Waves From Meditation, See The Darwin Rotary Club Slides

rotary club of darwin

The Alpha and Theta waves, shown in green and orange, are expanded by meditation. They thereby deliver better sleep, creativity, focus, and inner peace.

Case studies for Rotary Club Darwin presentation

  • Aetna case study: 1,100% return on employee yoga program
  • Huge health costs for a Dow Chemicals employees were driven by stress
  • Holistic yoga helps to reduce employee stress!
  • Study: the happiest employees stay twice as long, & are twice as productive

Ways to get started

  • You’ll believe the benefits of holistic yoga, when you do it!
  • So, start first with simple, easy yoga postures
  • Plus, if you need to, effective Gentle Yoga can also be done from chairs
  • To get started, look for quality Darwin yoga, that offers a range of levels, with holistic yoga options
  • In addition , avoid a “one-size fits all” sorts of yoga classes or studios. It’s too hard. Even worse, it won’t deliver the sort of yoga benefits you need.
  • Instead, look for holistic yoga and meditation.

Easy Holistic Yoga That Everyone Can Do, With Huge Benefits.

holistic yoga and meditation studio

Flametree holistic yoga starts with simple, easy yoga poses that everyone can do. Demonstrated above the Chris Lalor, Flametree’s certified Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist.

Holistic yoga retreats, or holistic yoga classes

  • Ideally, also go on holistic yoga retreats as well. Retreats are a very enjoyable fast track to the benefits of yoga.
  • So, use holistic yoga, the path to holistic health, to get you the yoga benefits outlined above
  • Holistic yoga in Darwin includes postures & breathwork
  • But first, use yoga postures to quieten your “monkey mind”. (We all have one!)
  • Remember, Flametree Yoga is a Holistic Yoga Studio.
  • So, to get started, try a FREE 1st yoga class
  • Or, get a HALF price 10 pack at $5 each, including 2 FREE classes as part of the deal.
  • If you want the half price deal, it’s easiest just to use the link, and code provided in the next section.
  • Classes are online, in videos, and at Palmerston NT, and Woolner in Darwin. See more about Flametree, including studio addresses.

Modern, Classical Yoga, The Path To Holistic Health

b.k.s. iyengar yoga the path to holistic health studio

B.K.S. Iyengar yoga The Path To Holistic Health text book used by a studio like Flametree, and others, as a source book on the best yoga asanas for many conditions. As discussed in our yoga talks, the outcomes you get from yoga depend both on the yoga postures done, and the order in which you do them.

Quick way to a HALFOFF 10 pass & 2 FREE classes

Those in Rotary Darwin, or their partners, can get a HALF price beginner 10 pass, and 2 FREE classes.

This offer can be used by anyone who is new to Flametree, or lapsed for 2 months.

When you buy, using the HALFOFF discount code, via the ten pass page, the two extra classes are immediately and automatically added to your shopping cart.

You can see the whole deal in the example of a cart below.

Then, when Flametree gets the immediate notification of the sale, it also allocates the total of 12 classes to your Punchpass app account.

The teacher then checks off the classes as you use them.

Then, the first time you reserve a Flametree yoga class, it prompts you to make one.

Shopping cart when Rotary Darwin members get a Half price deal.

rotary clubs in darwin

Use this half price deal to start or re-start yoga, online or in-studio, via our classes in Woolner, Palmerston, or online. Just go to the ten pass page, and use this discount code in all capitals:  HALFOFF

Looking for one of our yoga talks, or one on meditation?

If, you’d like one of Flametree’s free yoga talks, or a meditation presentation, or a mix of both, at your organisation, please contact us.

By the way, it can be similar to this talk at Darwin Rotary Club, or with whatever other content you’d like.

Alternatively, if you want to stat yoga, you can just reserve a FREE first class.

Plus, the HALF price 10 packs can be bought with cash, or EFTPOS (at Woolner), or via the link (with discount code) above.

In other words, you can just turn up and class, and immediately get underway at an holistic yoga studio.

Here is the BEGINNER timetable, with a link to the non-beginner timetable.

Flametree Yoga Facebook Page

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