Iyengar Yoga Training | Studio, Online, & Video | Unlimited For One

USD$39.26 / week

Iyengar Yoga Training | Studio, Online, & Video | Unlimited For One

USD$39.26 / week

This pass for hatha yoga taught in the Iyengar yoga style offers you non-beginner classes every week as listed below:

  • Access to unlimited in-studio classes for one, including PRANAYAMA.
  • Unlimited online classes (for one, being you the buyer).
  • Unlimited Yoga Video (playback) classes (for one, being you the buyer).
  • Classes you can access include any mix of Transition to Intermediate, Intermediate, Experienced, Advanced classes, & Mixed Non-Beginner; plus all the various Special Focus classes like Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Back Neck and Shoulders, Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Immune System, and more.

The prices quoted are Australian dollars, but see other major currencies via the buttons on the top right.

Alternatively, see other video passes, or Flametree’s list of all passes.

This pass can be paused on cancelled at any time.

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Unlimited mix of classes & options

Get a pass for Iyengar yoga training via studio, online, & / or video for one. includes Iyengar video pranayama classes. Each week, the pass allows an unlimited mix of classes. For instance, get a class a day at $8.43 each, of even less per class, if you want.

For instance, many also use these generous combination packages to do both yoga and Iyengar video pranayama classes on the same day.

In addition, those currently on the package with 4 in-studio classes and unlimited online, can now add unlimited video, ongoingly, for just $11 a week (via using this pass).

Via this additional, so-called ULTIMATE package, at $59 a week, you get immense extra flexibility, and totally unlimited access to very high quality yoga.

This package, with it’s huge flexibility, and very low cost, is perfect for whatever amount of yogic practices you want to benefit from.

By the way, no matter what pass you may have, another even more affordable option is to add access to the non-beginner yoga video library, via an annual subscription.

For more about the flexibility that video pass give you, see these suggestions for ways to use a video pass. You’ll see you can add a lot more flexibility and convenience to your yogic life.

Plus, as you no doubt know, doing very regular Iyengar yoga is the best path to getting even more fitness, wellness, and happiness.

Buy a pass | Then turn up to Iyengar video pranayama, or yoga

This pass is bought and paid weekly via a debit or credit card.

  • Once you have bought a pass, you can just turn up to any Non Beginner class of studio or online Flametree’s Iyengar yoga training, including breath meditation classes (aka pranayama).
  • These pay by the week passes can only be bought online, as it needs you to personally OK the purchase via card.
  • If you’re joining online, you use our class booking app, called Punchpass, to reserve your classes. Then you’ll get an email to join the class via Zoom.
  • When you buy, Flametree issues you a pass, and then tracks your use of the pass as you steadily come to each class.
  • At this Punchpass reservation app, on your first visit, you open a free account. Remember the password. It can be the same of different to the email you use for buying passes on Flametree’s site.
  • But, please remember that you can only buy passes, of any type, on this Flametree site (or via cash or EFTPOS at our class locations).
  • Punchpass is just for reserving classes of Flametree’s Iyengar yoga training of all types.
  • Here is the page for booking on Punchpass. You’ll also see a class timetable on Punchpass.
  • Or you can see the Non-Beginner timetable on the Flametree site. It also lets you see all the classes you can access with this pass.
  • For all packages, please choose a class that is suitable for your levels of skills. That will make it easy on you, and also is considerate of others in the class.

Iyengar yoga training including pranayama

iyengar video pranayama

Chris Lalor, certified Senior Teacher for both Iyengar yoga training at all levels, and Iyengar video pranayama. Demonstrating Bhramari (Bumble Bee Breathing), with a hand mudra.


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