To join a class, get a pass, & reserve a class. Check out the Christmas yoga timetable, and get started.

There’s more about each type of class under the “Class Types” tab on our site.

How to reserve an online or in-studio class

You can make Class Reservations at these live links:

How to get any pass

To get one of our beginner deals or non-beginner deals , or any other paid pass of any kind, see all Flametree yoga packages and deals.

Many pass types are also listed on the site under the “Passes” tab.

The normal Beginner timetable is here. (It starts as soon as the above Xmas timetable is complete).

Don’t wait. Check out the Christmas yoga timetable. Then start or re-start yoga.

Beginner deals including 2 weeks FREE

Non-beginner deal for new & lapsed. 14 days for AUS$29

All other Flametree prices and packages

To join a Xmas holiday class, get a pass, and then reserve a class.

Easy, fast class reservations for the Christmas yoga timetable

Get a pass, & then reserve a class spot, at the links below.

You can reserve classes up 7 days in advance. (But please also use the link on the Pay / Book page for cancelling any that you cannot attend).

Convert our class time to your local time

The class times in your local time are at the International Timetable above.

Convert to your local time (or see International timetable above)

If you use an iPhone, the World Clock feature on your Apple clock can be set to show Flametree’s class times in Darwin, Australia.

In addition another option is to use the Time Converter app below. If you need it, here is how you use the app.

  1. On the left hand side, insert Flametree’s class time in Darwin Australia from the above timetable.
  2. On the right hand side, insert the name of your city on the bottom right.
  3. Your local time for the class will show in the top right hand box.

Again, here is the time converter app:

Tips for attending online Zoom yoga classes

Online classes are taught using Zoom.

You download the Zoom app on your phone of computer.

Once you reserve an online class, the Zoom link is sent to you.

The Customer Service team, via the contacts at the bottom of this page, can talk you through getting set up the first time.

More detail about reserving classes or attending online

Here are some more detailed tips about attending these online classes:

  1. If you are a newcomer to Flametree (or if you have never booked a class), check out the booking instructions on the booking app (Punchpass) at the above links. Or see the video here.
  2. To use Zoom, download the Zoom Client Meeting app and open a free account
  3. Using Zoom on your PC is best, but otherwise use it on your phone. You can also link your phone, iPad or PC to your TV, so you get a big picture of your teacher doing yoga pose demonstrations.
  4. Use the link to join the meeting link that we will send you by email before the class (once you book).
  5. Ideally, set up your PC or phone so your teacher can see you as you do your yoga. (You’ll get the most our live interactive yoga if the teacher can see how you are doing with the commentary and demonstrations you’ll get via Zoom).
  6. Have your yoga props, or improvised props, handy. See more about props.
  7. After you login to Zoom, you may sometimes be in a waiting room for the class. The teacher will ask your name, and then admit you.
  8. Once you open the Zoom meeting if you can hear, but can’t see the class, check your video is not muted. (See the video icon in the bottom left of the screen).
  9. Once you enter the online class and can see and hear the teacher, please cease any background noise (including from animals!), and quietly lie in a relaxing yoga posture. Your teacher will mute everyone once the class starts.
  10. If you have any trouble logging into Zoom, message Flametree via our Facebook Page. (If Chris is teaching the class, or even if there are any other problems coming up for you with getting into other classes, you can also text her on 0448 11 22 51).

Check out the Christmas yoga timetable above. Then start or re-start yoga.

Beginner deals including 2 weeks FREE

Non-beginner deal for new & lapsed. 14 days for AUS$29

All other Flametree prices and packages