Black Friday Fitness Deals In Huge Fitness Sale

Plus Top Fitness Cyber Monday Deals.

Yoga Fitness Sale for Beginners & Non-Beginners.

Plus, see our HUGE Xmas New Year Sale 2023 / 24, with up to 60% OFF

Check out Flametree’s Black Friday fitness deals fitness sale. Get the best Black Friday fitness deals with up to 60% off. Plus, see top fitness cyber Monday deals too. So, try the best Black Friday gym sale.

Yoga is proven to get you fit, healthy and happy. It also works better with both parts of your nervous system than other fitness approaches.

With yoga fitness, you’ll also get calmness, and any of the 117 conditions that yoga has been proven to help.

Alternatively, just scroll down and reserve a FREE yoga or meditation class at beginner or non-beginner level. Let yoga prove itself to you.

All prices are in Australian dollars, or AUD. When to click to see details of a deal, see the top right of the page for some currency conversions.

Yoga fitness or meditation sale, for beginners & non-beginners

Below, see Flametree’s deals for both online and in-studio yoga or meditation.

Click each link for more details, or to buy.

For each package listed, when you reach the checkout page (via the “Add To Cart” button), use the appropriate discount code below.

For example, when you’re offered a 60% discount, use the discount code Friday60.

All the discount codes for these great meditation or yoga class deals, are:

  • Friday60
  • Friday50

The discount codes are case sensitive. In other words, correctly use upper and lower case, exactly as shown above.

The codes also only work for the sale dates listed below.

Yoga fitness deals


  • 60% off a beginner 10 class pack for new students, and lapsed 3 months. Now AUD$39.60 reduced from $99.
  • 50% off beginner 4 class video course. Just $24.50, reduced from $49.

Once you buy a 10 class pack, it’s valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. But, you can start whenever suits you.

Flametree’s beginner yoga fitness classes are easy, introductory yoga poses suitable for all ages, sizes, and genders.

Start dates for passes

Passes for beginners and non-beginners (see below), will start when you buy them. But, you can start them at a later date if you email [email protected]

All passes must start within 2 months of the purchase date.

Check out Flametree’s yoga fitness sale

best black friday fitness deals & sale

Beginner yoga stretch using a chair as a yoga prop. Yoga builds flexibility, as well as fitness, calmness, and much more. So, try group fitness classes from the best Black Friday gym sale.

NON-Beginners yoga fitness sale

For those NEW to Flametree, or LAPSED for 3 months or more. (Or, see deals for CURRENT students).

All non-beginner 10 packs can be used for yoga or breath meditation classes, as in the timetable.

Best Black Friday fitness deals for everyone

fitness cyber monday deals

Raj was just one of the many students to get almost miraculous back solutions at Flametree. Yoga’s been proven to help at least 117 conditions. Use these deals to start, or do more of it. Address your issues, or just get fit, healthy, & happy.

Use the sale for gifts, with this DIY gift card

Obviously, you can also use the sale to buy gifts. Then, you can use our Do-It-Yourself Gift Card to give it to your friend or partner.

Just fill in this DIY Gift Card with whatever you’ve bought as a gift. At Flametree, we can obviously see your purchases.

When you buy a pass as a gift, tell us by email who the gift is for. When they turn up with your gift certificate, we’ll issue a pass in their name. (Email to [email protected]).

But remember, use the Black Friday fitness deals to get something for yourself too.

So, to get any yoga class deal shown, click through to checkout, and use the appropriate discount codes. Here they are again:

  • Friday60
  • Friday50

Best Black Friday fitness deals. At check out, just use the discount code

cyber monday fitness deal

Don’t miss these fantastic yoga fitness sale deals… online or at 3 Darwin locations. Try group fitness classes from the best Black Friday gym sale.

Meditation deals

Meditation complements yoga fitness. It improves calmness, breathing, and more. Further down this page, see more on the many benefits of meditation.

Beginners or non-beginners

Non-beginners (or beginners with 3 months of yoga)

New to breath meditation at Flametree. (Or, not been to a pranayama class in the last fortnight)

Black Friday fitness deals: Use codes Friday60, OR Friday50

Breath meditation

Breath meditation is a new dimension of relaxation, insight, and health. Try it.

How to use the discount codes

Remember, for each package listed, when you reach the checkout page, use the relevant discount code: Friday60, or Friday 50.

During Flametree’s Black Friday fitness deals sale week, you’ll get these meditation or yoga class deals at the discount listed above.

Plus, this yoga sale also give you fitness cyber Monday deals too, as well as group fitness classes from the best Black Friday gym sale.

Time limits for sale, subject to capacity

The discount code will be active just for a limited number of days:

  • Starts 12 midnight on Saturday 18 November
  • Ends 12 midnight on Monday 4 December 2023 (or sooner).

Please note that some deals may sell out before the end date, due to studio space, or online space, in meditation or yoga classes.

So these generous deals are for just a few days. After that, the discount codes won’t work.

Therefore, grab some deals now, and don’t miss out.

FREE class deal

Newcomers who are resident in the Northern Territory, and anyone who’s attending online (from anywhere), get a FREE First Class.

All you need to do is reserve the class at this FREE class reservation page.

What students say about Flametree’s yoga fitness

Check out genuine reviews of what customers say about their classes at Flametree.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received from either yoga fitness or meditation classes at Flametree.


Beginner yoga example of what you can buy in Flametree’s Black Friday fitness deals

Chris Lalor, Flametree’s accredited Senior Teacher & Yoga Therapist, shows easy beginner yoga.

​Flametree’s Black Friday sale

Fitness trackers will prove to you how yoga fitness gets you both fit and flexible, including how the right flow sequences lift your heart rate.

So, before the holiday season, use one of many a good deal, to start or re-start yoga.

One of the other big advantages of yoga is that you don’t have to spend a lot on fitness equipment.

We mean things like exercise bikes, power racks, resistance bands, squat racks, a peloton bike, or other big-ticket items.

For instance, instead of buying adjustable dumbbells, or bells of steel, yogis simply lift their own weight in poses like arm balances or handstands.

​So, choose from a range of our best deals for yoga fitness.

By, the way, with yoga, you also save on expensive fitness gear, workout gear, and other bits of a workout wardrobe.

Just have one or two thick yoga mats. At our studio, the good news is that all our equipment is supplied.

If you’re online, you need just a small amount of yoga props, as we outline on our props page. Many can be improvised from around the home.

Flametree is one of the top brands for yoga fitness, and life fitness. If you wish, contact us for the top picks of our classes.

Now, before the Christmas get-togethers, is a good time of year to get in shape. So, buy a pass, using our very significant discounts, and start now.

If you have any doubts use the free trial mentioned above.

But, with these great value passes, it’s also a great way to be ready for a fitness push in he New Year.

Just use this fitness savings event of the year, with Flametree’s best Black Friday deals.

8 days of fantastic discounts

​There is no better time to start or re-start yoga fitness then with our Black Friday early access sales. Because it includes Cyber Monday fitness deals, you get a full 8 days of huge discounts.

​You can choose from plenty of deals, all with hefty discounts, and the best prices.

Yoga fitness is no longer a fringe sport. Instead, it’s used by gigantic number of fitness enthusiasts for strength, flexibility, resilience, and much more.

​So, grab your credit card, and get the major discounts from full price.

Don’t miss Flametree’s Black Friday fitness deals

fitness cyber monday sale

Restorative yoga, like the pose shown, is excellent for reducing stress. In the process, it also helps hugely with weight loss.

​Best health outcomes from Black Friday fitness deals

A fitness journey through yoga delivers more than conventional exercise.

​With yoga, you get both physical fitness and mental fitness.

That’s why Flametree is one of the best places for this year’s Friday fitness deals.

While you’re on this page, also check out the great gifts for your loved ones.

After you’ve used our ten pass best buy, its the perfect time to move onto our very low cost memberships.

They work exactly like other gym memberships, and are an ongoing way to do very low cost workout sessions.

Later, many move onto to our regular yoga retreats, or our advanced yogi classes, and even their own yoga teacher training at Flametree.

​Your yoga mat is the perfect place to start or restart your yoga fitness journey.

Grab Flametree’s week of meditation & fitness cyber Monday deals

fitness cyber monday deals

Use these great deals to start or re-start Flametree’s breath meditation. Just get a pass, and turn up in Woolner NT for 2 pranayama classes a week. If online, reserve a class. so as to get your Zoom link.

Cyber Monday sales too

Flametree’s lowest price deals also give you the best way to get a fitness Cyber Monday deal.

This year’s Black Friday sale continues right though until the end of Cyber Monday.

So there’s plenty of time to find deals that you can also use with the gift cards you can download here.

Any fitness lover will be delighted with the sale items and unbeatable prices you get in Flametree’s sale.

Meanwhile, you’re getting them at the best price you’ll find.

Benefits you get from Flametree’s meditation & fitness cyber Monday deals

Meditation benefit at Flametree

A reminder of the many and diverse benefits you get from breath meditation.

Flametree Yoga fitness center

When you go to checkout, it’s quick to open a new account.

Just add your personal information, and then use the relevant discount code.

If you’d been to our site before, there is a “forgot account” function. Use it with your email address.

For the future, if you move before the discounted price in our initial deals, there is great week to week membership. It’s similar to monthly payments, but weekly.

All of Flametree’s deals still give you the lowest prices you’ll find.

​In addition to the on-demand classes in the discounted video products above, you’ll find even more video classes on our site, with new releases coming regularly.

Meanwhile, the creative yoga fitness sequences you’ll learn will give you the equivalent of strength circuits, cardio machines, indoor cycles, and the other things you may be accustomed to.

Retreats: some of the outcomes from our meditation & fitness cyber Monday deals

Flametree retreat deals

Beginners with 6 months of yoga can attend our regular Bali yoga retreats. Get started with one of these give-away deals.

​Yoga fitness retreats are a great addition

As soon as you’ve done 6 months of yoga, you can join our regular retreats in Bali, and beyond.

They give you a whole range additional, and transformative, benefits.

So, grab this incredible opportunity now.

It’s the easiest way to achieve your mind body goals.

More benefits you get from Flametree’s meditation & fitness cyber Monday deals

gym sale

Get all of these benefits of yoga happening more in your life. Buy a pass for yourself, a partner, and friend. They’re cheap as chips! Meanwhile, using these types of yoga fitness moves, will give you top group fitness classes from the best Black Friday gym sale.

Limited-time to get Flametree’s Black Friday Fitness deals

The great options for yoga and meditation class discounts stop as soon as fitness Cyber Monday ends.

Get a pass and come along. Just wear comfortable workout clothes, and basics like sports bras.

At Flametree classes, everyone has a great time. They consider our classes to be the best time of their day.

So get a pass from one of these generous Black Friday offers, at a great price, for one of the great places to do yoga fitness.

A little bit at a time, put all your fitness goals into action.

But remember, after the 8 days listed above, all deals end. So, grab a deal now.

Don’t miss Flametree’s fitness Cyber Monday deals

black friday gym sale

Yoga at home, with Flametree’s online classes, is an easy way to build a powerful yoga routine in your life. Plus get individualised coaching at every class. Buy a pass now.

Flametree Yoga studios

Flametree teaches at 3 locations in the Darwin region of Australia, and online.

Use these top deals for group fitness classes from the best Black Friday gym sale.


To get Flametree’s Black Friday Fitness deals, click on the deal & go to checkout.

Then, use the relevant discount code: Friday60, OR Friday 50.


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