Unlimited Non-Beginner Yoga Videos For One | Annual | HALF Off Deal

USD$516.98 / year

Unlimited Non-Beginner Yoga Videos For One | Annual | HALF Off Deal

USD$516.98 / year

You get unlimited video playback of non-beginner classes, via our large yoga class library, for one student.

It library also includes many pranayama meditation videos. Several new classes are also added each week, of various types.

The first price you’ll see is Australian dollars. But use the buttons on the top right to see prices in other major currencies.

There’s nothing closer, or more convenient, than a wide range of high quality, but affordable yoga classes by video.

If you’re not familiar with Iyengar yoga, just consider it as high quality, but very do-able, hatha yoga.

Affordable yoga classes start as low as a dollar each. It depends on whether they’re video, online, or studio. But, a good  teacher makes any of these formats work for you. Plus, the effective deals you get also depends on how many classes you do per week.

HALF price SALE gets you to a dollar a day!

For a limited time, you can get 12 months of access at HALF price.

So, you’d pay a total of AUD$388.50.

But, if you want to pay by week, then check out Flametree’s low cost week to week yoga deal.

When you look at how many classes you can do, on average, over a year, these high quality video classes are dirt cheap.

For example (in Australian dollars):

  • a class a week is $7.47 each
  • 3 classes a week is $2.49 each
  • 6 classes a week is a ridiculous $1.25 each
  • 7 classes a week are a tad over a dollar a day!

Some also use Flametree’s highly affordable yoga to do a pranayama meditation class earlier in the day, and then a yoga class later, or vice versa.

So, as soon as you’re ready to buy, scroll down to the “Sign Up Now” button.

Then, at checkout, use the discount code:


Full length classes, like in a studio

Each non-beginner class is either an hour and a quarter, or an hour and a half.

They’re just like any class you’ll do in a studio, with all directions and timings, including time for relaxation at the end.

The highly qualified teacher talks you through and demonstrates how to do the poses, and gives you a highly effective yogic sequence to deliver the outcome of the class.

Affordable yoga or meditation: various levels and types

In addition, with this video yoga pass, you can get a wide range of non-beginner yoga or pranayama meditation classes.

The classes include active Iyengar yoga, plus Special Focus classes like:

  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga For Back, Neck, & Shoulders
  • Flow Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Immune System Yoga
  • Fifty Plus Yoga.

In total, over each week, you can choose any mix of all the classes in the non-beginner timetable, via selecting from the video library.

On the front of each video, or within a second or two, you’ll see more about what each video contains.

(Just contact us if you can’t find what you want).

Quality yoga by an accredited Senior Teacher & Yoga Therapist

Many of the video classes are taught by Christine Lalor, a certified Senior Iyengar Yoga and Breath Meditation Teacher.

Each week, she edits the classes that she considers are the best. She also chooses a diverse range of the wide mix of classes she teaches each week.

Then she uploads new classes so that you get a steady stream of great new classes to choose… no matter where you’re located.

So, use this great deal to supplement your existing studio or LIVE online classes.

Alternatively, use the video classes by themselves. They’re a very low cost and highly effective way to do yoga.

See more about any yoga props you may want, and how to access your wonderful yogic deal.

How to get your HALF price deal

To get the discount, just press “Sign Up Now“.

Then, at the Checkout page, you put your discount code in the box on the lower left of the page.

The half price discount code is:


This discount coupon gives 50% discount for one year.

In 12 months time, it then reverts to full price.

The discount code can only be used once by each person who buys the deal. Once you’ve had the half price deal once, you can’t get it again, ever.

But, you can cancel or pause at any time, although the payment is non-refundable once you make it.

(Just you need help to pause of cancel, just contact us).

Once you’ve bought, if you need it, there are simple steps to access your videos.

This half price discount is available right now, but it’s an introductory offer to what is a new deal at Flametree, and may be withdrawn at any time.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, NEVER be without good quality yoga and meditation again.

Maximise your fitness and wellness from today.

So grab this deal now, or learn even more about it below.

Iyengar videos online

Get unlimited Iyengar videos online. It’s the best online Iyengar yoga classes deal you’ll find. If you’re looking for “affordable yoga classes near me”, then check this out.

As mentioned, Flametree has many non-beginner classes, so this pass can be used for any mix of them.

You get full access to very high value yoga classes, with a range of teachers, at four different levels of classes.

Via Flametree’s large library of non-beginner playback classes, you use this pass for any mix of them.

This package is very useful to people who work outside of normal office hours, or who live in places outside of the time zone for which Flametree’s live, online classes are run.

It’s also used by people like parents who have to build their lives around the hours when children are sleeping etc.

affordable yoga classes near me

Flametree’s non-beginner yoga class videos have levels and alternatives that will suit all yoga non-beginners, as well as mixed level Gentle Yoga, and Yoga For Backs.

Affordable yoga classes, with levels for all non-beginners

The classes are organised by level, or by Special Focus.

The main levels are:

  • Transition to Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced
  • Special Focus.

The Special Focus classes include Breath Meditation (Pranayama), Fifty Plus, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga For Back, Neck, and Shoulder (aka Back Care).

The classes can be done in any order, or at any rate, that you wish.

Given you can access many classes, it means your per class price is low to extreme low.

At the same time, it is very high-quality yoga.

It will definitely give you all of the many benefits of yoga,  like fitness, wellness and happiness.

In addition, it will help you address a wide range of particular health challenges.

Everything that you need to do the classes will be around your home or office.

But, if you wish, check out Flametree’s page on yoga props. It also talks about how to improvise props from your existing furniture.

Don’t miss the best online Iyengar yoga classes deal

The pass is for one person only, and is not transferable.

Plus, the annual subscription continues by direct debit each week, from your credit or debit card. But there’s no lock in contract or fixed term.

But, it can be paused, or cancelled anytime.

By, the way, there is also no refund or credits on part weeks, or part years.

So, if you are sick, or on holidays etc, look at how you can find a video class that you can do wherever you are, and the wide range of levels available in the package, and in our video library.

Try the most affordable yoga classes you’ll find.

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