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Youth Yoga Classes

Flametree offers a Beginner (Youth Focus) class as part of its beginner course.

A SPORTS VOUCHER from the N/T Government can be used to pay for Youth Focus classes

Youth Focus yoga can be done just as a weekly class by itself, or as part of the overall beginner class. It is at 3.30pm on Thursdays, at 19b Bishop Street, Woolner.

More details of the class are below, but first, here are some of the benefits of yoga for children or teens:

  • better grades
  • anger control
  • mental focus
  • de-stressing & calmness
  • less disruption in class rooms
  • less dropping out due to stress of exams
  • less substance abuse (due to less stress)
  • better self image and optimism.

Teachers in schools have also reported that classes are much easier to handle when they do short yoga breaks. Nearly half (47%) of Australian students feel very tense when they study, compared to the international average of 37%.

The Beginner (Youth Focus) Class is open to all, but it has a special focus on teaching children & teens from 8 years upwards. It is open to youth, parents & anybody else.

Parents can leave child & come back, or can watch, or can participate.

The teacher is very experienced with teaching children & adults and holds a Working With Children certification.

The class can be done for $10 in cash or on EFTPOS at the studio, or can be bought as a six week course of one class a week… for $60. Parents can also come to this one class a week for $60. So a double pass for parent (or carer) and the child or teen is $120.

If a parent (and / or young person) wishes to come to any other class in the Beginner course series, as well as the option of the Youth Focus class, then you need to buy a normal beginner course pass at $99 for one, or $75 if two passes are bought together.

The pictures on this page some of the types of poses that are done or learnt, depending on the level of the young person. Usually, they advance rapidly, as they are more flexible than adults. In any particular class, the teacher can and does manage adults or young people at a range of different levels.