Youth Yoga Classes With Richard

Not offered at the moment. Stay tuned.

Youth Yoga is a fun class that teaches a range of introductory yoga postures.

Some postures build flexibility, strength, co-ordination and balance. Other postures are for getting calm and focussed, as well as for thinking better.

Below, there’s also more about the benefits of yoga for youth.

Youth Yoga is for ages 8-18. Older teenagers mostly tend to come to adult classes with their parents, so there are more of the younger ages in Youth Yoga.

Safe and secure online procedures

Flametree uses a very secure and safe process for online yoga. Students are first registered in Flametree’s online booking system.

Second, just before each class starts, students check into an online waiting room. They are then checked individually into the online classroom by the teacher, as he greets each one of them, and / or their parent or carer.

It is not possible for anyone to attend or see the class who is not authorised to be there.

Parents and carers can obviously be with the children at their residence as the class proceeds, and we encourage them to do so.

On average, students are very engaged with the class.

Setting up a space for the class

It’s useful for students to have a yoga mat, a clear space, and access to a wall. The camera on your PC, iPad or phone should be set up so the teacher has a good view of where the students are doing their postures.

Timetable and what happens in class

From 14 April 2020, Richard will teach Flametree’s online and interactive Youth Yoga classes weekly from 3.30-4.30pm Tuesdays, and 3.30-4.30pm Thursdays.

Get online 10-15 minutes before class so the teacher can check students into class. Stay for a few minutes afterwards, so there is time to day hello to your Richard, and your online yoga friends.

(We also find that many of the parents get to know each other, or already do yoga with Flametree).

In the classes, Richard will demonstrate each pose, as well as describe in words and step by step, how to do the pose.

With each student or household using the Zoom on their PC, TV, Ipad or phone, Richard can see how each person is managing the pose and can give individual tips and lots of encouragement.

 Benefits of Youth Yoga

More details of the class are below, but first, here are some of the proven benefits of yoga for children or teens:

  • better grades
  • anger control
  • mental focus
  • de-stressing & calmness
  • less disruption in classrooms
  • less dropping out due to stress of exams
  • less substance abuse (due to less stress)
  • better self-image and optimism.

Teachers in schools have also reported that classes are much easier to handle when they do short yoga breaks.

Nearly half (47%) of Australian students feel very tense when they study, compared to the international average of 37%.

Parents can leave child & come back to the virtual room online on their screens, or can watch, or can participate.

Experienced and qualified teacher

Richard, the teacher, is very experienced with teaching children & adults and holds a Working With Children certification, as well as a yoga teacher certification.

As well as 20 years of yoga teaching experience, Richard has also spent several years teaching face to face yoga for youth at Clontarf in Western Australia.

Prices for Youth Yoga

Five and ten passes, and the casual pass, is the only way to pay for online Youth Yoga. (Adult (18 yr +) household subscription passes cannot be used for Youth Yoga.)

All passes must be bought in advance of attending the class.

The prices are:

  • Casual class $12
  • Five pass for one person is $50, which means each class is $10
  • Five pass for one household is $75, which means each class is $15
  • Ten pass for one person is $90, which means each class is $9.
  • Ten pass for one household is $135, which means each class is $13.50

A household pass means that anyone normally living in that household, such as two younger people residing with their parent/s, can both come to the class.

The passes can be bought online on this page.

A SPORTS VOUCHER from the N/T Government can be used to pay for Youth Focus classes. If you are using a Sports Voucher, or equivalent, contact us, or do the transaction at the studio. Contact Flametree on Facebook Messenger or 0448 11 22 51 to set up a time you can drop by, or make other arrangements with us.

Once you have bought one of these three passes, book a class, and a Zoom link to join the online class  will be sent to you immediately, plus a reminder just before the class.

Book the class via this page.

The pictures on this page are some of the types of poses that are done or learnt, depending on the level of the young person. Usually, they advance rapidly, as they are more flexible than adults. In any particular class, the teacher can and does manage young people at a range of different levels.