Yoga Active

Some people like yoga with more movement.

That’s what  Yoga Active is about.

You still do high quality hatha yoga poses, but they flow into each other more.

One typical example of such flowing yoga is the well know sun salute sequence.

It can involve a mix of stand alone poses such as downward dog, plank pose, crocodile pose, standing forward bends, upward facing dog pose, mountain pose with and without arm extensions, warrior one pose, and lunges with alternate legs.

In Yoga Active , these standalone poses are combined together into a sun salute. The sun salute can be done at various speeds.

In the Yoga Active done at Flametree, you’ll also do some inversions and backbends.

At Flametree, no matter what type of yoga you’re doing, you’ll also be shown how to improve each posture, or flow sequence.

Its important to get into a posture as fully as you can, with or without props. If you are not in the posture, you won’t get the benefits it offers.

This means that sometimes you will spend time learning the foundations of Yoga Active poses before you put them together into more flowing sequences.

Obviously, in any class, we will only move at a pace that works for where the students are at… depending on the level of the class.

In all Flametree’s yoga classes, you’ll also get yoga postures, and sequences of postures, that are appropriate to the weather pattern outside. We do work in air-conditioned studios, but the key issue here is the weather that you have been exposed to in the many hours before you get to class.

That weather will determine if you are feeling energetic, lethargic, moody, and more. Based on where you are starting from, we will use the yoga class to give you energy, calming, strength, flexibility, aerobic workouts… or whatever is appropriate.

At the moment, Flametree teaches Yoga Active

  • On Wednesday 5.30pm with Richard Mayhew.


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