Suffer from Back Pain ? Yoga Can help.

WHAT RAJ SAID about how Flametree’s program fixed his back: 

A lifting accident totally wrecked my back.
In my twenties, I was running my own trucking business in Canada.
I’d moved there from Punjab, India, where I was brought up.
In Canada, I was working in MINUS 40 degree centigrade temperatures. Apparently, that made back injuries more likely.
In my lower spine, I got a major slipped disk.
I was totally incapacitated. For several years, I could do almost nothing for myself.
I could not lift my child, and sometimes could not even go to the toilet by myself.
People even thought I was just a paternalistic male because my wife had to do so much for me.
I lost my business and my home. The family then had to live in a windowless, tiny basement for several years. 
Phyios, doctors, and osteos could do nothing for me. 
Medication for the pain seriously damaged my liver and gave me kidney stones.
The doctor said surgery had a low chance of helping, and could even make things much worse… likely paralysis! 
Steroid shots helped me move a bit but were not a long-term solution.
Depression set in. Not only due to what I had lost but because I faced ongoing major disability for life. 
One piece of advice that helped was to try a warmer climate than Canada.
I had done university in Queensland, so we headed for Australia.
My wife got a six-month job in Darwin… but I was still largely bedridden. 
Luckily, I met Belinda Quinleven, now at Flametree Yoga. At that point, she was still a masseur, with a reputation as the best in Darwin.
Her massage at last got me standing up again! Her skills, and her support and encouragement were a huge help.
Thankfully, she also insisted I had to try the sort of yoga she was doing at Flametree Yoga Studio in Woolner.
I resisted because all my life yoga to me was a myth. I was not aware of its immense healing capacity. I was more attuned to how things are done in Western countries. I also knew little about yoga’s benefits.
After many months of ignoring Belinda’s advice, I finally joined the Flametree Beginner Course.
I didn’t want to go… I had to take a big deep breath…and just give it a try.
Chris Lalor, the Principal Teacher, while I was in each class, would give me customised modifications to the beginner postures.
The modified postures stopped me hurting myself, and also quickly worked on building movement, strength, and flexibility. 
The postures started with simple poses like Half Angle and other ones that you can see in the pictures with this story. 
With yoga, I started on a journey has led me back to an almost normal life.
I now have two thriving businesses and a happy family life.
My wife has also started yoga. We’re interested in all the special benefits it has for women. 
After starting yoga, I slowly realised “I can get better”. My mental blues lifted.
I did the Flametree Beginner Course several times over… going to classes two to three times a week.
Then I moved steadily into Flametree’s higher levels of yoga classes. These days I do a mix of their Intermediate and Experienced classes.
After about four years, yoga has become a regular part of my life, with classes either during the day or evening. 
I love the passion about yoga that comes through in Chris Lalor’s teaching. 
I give the whole credit to my recovery to yoga…and especially the style of yoga I’m learning at Flametree.
Apart from my now recovered physical abilities, I am now light and full of joy at the world around me. 
Yoga fixed my back and my head! 
Try it for the many things it can do for you… even if it is “just” preserving your magnificent self from each year of increasing stiffness or expanding waistline!

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