FREE Online Yoga Classes and Timetable

Online classes are FREE until the end of Sunday 5 April 2020.

Flametree students and newcomers to Flametree are welcome to join us.

To get the free classes, reserve your spot via the drop-down link on this Pay / Book page.

If at all possible, please book in a half an hour before the class starts. You can reserve classes up 7 days in advance. (But please also use the link on the same above page for cancelling any that you cannot attend).

A Zoom login will be sent to you around 20-30 minutes before a class starts. Only use the Zoom login we send you. Nothing else will work.

Here are a few more tips about attending these online classes:

  1. If you are a newcomer to Flametree (or if you have never booked a class), check out the booking instructions on the Pay / Book page
  2. To use Zoom, download the Zoom Cloud Meeting app and open a free account
  3. Using Zoom on your PC is best, but otherwise use it on your phone.
  4. Use the “Join Meeting” tab on Zoom to insert the ID and Password we will send you by email before the class.
  5. Ideally, set up your PC or phone so your teacher can see you as you do your yoga.
  6. Have your yoga props, or improvised props, handy.
  7. After you login to Zoom, you’ll be in a waiting room for the class. The teacher will ask your name, and then admit you. Flametree students and new comers to Flametree are welcome to join our FREE classes.
  8. If you have any trouble logging into Zoom, message Flametree via our Facebook Page. (If Chris is teaching the class, you can also text her on 0448 11 22 51).

After the FREE yoga classes end, there’ll be a very good value and large selection of online yoga classes by paid subscription. It will include some more free deals, so stay tuned.

The next five week beginner course will start on Monday 20th April 2020.