Yoga for Kids

Yoga is great for kids.  They find it fun and at the same time challenging. They enjoy the movement and also like the way it teaches them to relax. We find yoga works with kids who like other sports as well as those who are not that keen on competitive sports. Both groups of kids really enjoy doing yoga poses.

The proven benefits of yoga for kids include:

  • better grades
  • anger control
  • mental focus
  • de-stressing & calmness
  • less disruption in class rooms
  • less dropping out due to stress (see link below)
  • less substance abuse (due to less stress)
  • better self image and optimism.

Teachers in schools have also reported that classes are much easier to handle when they do short yoga breaks.

Nearly half (47%) of Australian students feel very tense when they study, compared to the international average of 37%.

There’s more about why yoga should be done in Aussie schools in this short article from The Conversation.

The classes are taken by Richard. He is a natural with kids. He inspires the kids and seems to have as much energy as they have. What is truly unique is that Richard can easily relate to kids who are 8 or 15 years old. Richard started teaching yoga to kids when he worked in the Kimberley region is Western Australia. He has taught Kids Yoga at Flametree for the last couple of years.   Richard has a working with children permit.

Kids  Classes.  – 8-15 years old.

Classes cost $10 each and can be bought at the studio.

You can use cash or card.

We gladly accept sports vouchers .