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Chris Lalor & Richard Mayhew

India – Varanasi  Yoga Retreat

          January 10th- 17th 2021

Friends and colleagues Chris and Richard team up for this very special event

  • $1600.00 per person in a twin share room

  • $500.00 Deposit at time of booking and full payment required by July 30 2020

  • Part payment plans are available on request.

  • Suitable for all students

    Included in your program is; morning and afternoon yoga, accommodation, airport transfers and cultural activities , as well as daily brunch, welcome and farewell dinner with classical musics concert. Flights are not included. We can assist you with all travel arrangements, online visas and all India domestic flight bookings on request. We aim to make this an easy and memorable trip for you.



Flametree Yoga, from Darwin, Australia, are running this one-week Iyengar Yoga Retreat in the ancient city of Varanasi, in India.

To make it happen in a convenient and delightful way, Flametree is very pleased to be joining with a very experienced partner in running retreats in this part of India.

Chris Lalor is the Senior Teacher at Flametree Yoga Studio. She teaches classes at all levels,  as well as runs the Teacher Training Programme. For several years, she has been an Assessor in the teacher certification process for the Australian Iyengar Yoga Association.

Since 2011 Chris has also been running Flametree’s very successful, annual Bali Retreat.

Chris trained with Senior Teacher Alan Goode, in Canberra, Australia. She has been practising yoga for 27 years and teaching since 1997.

Chris is an excellent teacher, with the ability to simultaneously offer students a range of alternatives in the same class, depending on their level or situation. She also has studied a wide range of the very best Iyengar teachers around the world, and brings learnings from all of them to her discussion and comments inside and outside the yoga room.

Prior to becoming a yoga teacher, Chris was a lecturer at university. Along with her extensive yoga teacher training, this gives her the ability to speak clearly and confidently about how and why yoga works poses , as well has how to most effectively get into them. Chris also has a strong interest in Ayurveda, and brings additional insights from this to her yoga training.

Richard has been practising Iyengar yoga for over 25 years and has been a certified teacher teaching for 20 years. Richard’s personal yoga practice is outstanding. He brings a charm to his teaching that leads to him having a wide following at Flametree. Before coming to teach at Flametree, he has lived and taught in the Broome and the Kimberly region of Western Australia for many years. Richard conducts classes across all levels, including running local retreats. He also did most of his training with Alan Goode.

Chris and Richard have known one another for a long time. They share the joy of practice and the desire to integrate yoga philosophy into the way they live their daily lives. Together, they teach a weekly class for advanced practitioners, along with two weekly classes for those with situations that require more attention before they join Flametree’s normal beginner classes.  They  also regularly conduct Workshops and Intensives where they are able to offer diversity and richness to any student’s experience.

Flametree has a very active Facebook Page where you can see interesting posts on a wide range of interesting yoga issues, and many pictures that demonstrate their yoga abilities. There’s also a range of powerful testimonials about the quality and effectiveness of Flametree and its various teachers.


In collaboration with

Our host, Katrina, from NPYR, and Big Sista Adventures, has forty years of experience traveling to and living in India, speaks passable Hindi and has a deep cultural understanding. Katrina has taken care of all the details to ensure that your stay with us in Varanasi is rich and rewarding. Step beyond the tourist layer to discover the delights and complexities that make up the colorful tapestry of life in Varanasi, India.

Responsible Ethical Tourism

We offer responsible and ethical tourism by working with local families to ensure an authentic cultural exchange. We do this by giving our business to young locals who would otherwise be excluded from the tourism market. Our local friends are, cooks, guides, chai makers, street sellers and tuk tuk drivers. Our Ashram family provide a wonderful environment with small children and the women of the house hold present. The head of the household is Dr Mishra Pretember, a Yogacharya in his own right who holds a Doctorate in Ayurveda from the Baranes Hindu University.


Varanasi is steeped in tradition. Yoga is taught across the city in shallas both big and small. Mornings practices are a common site with a larger public practice held each day at Assi Ghat.

Ayurveda, Sanskrit, classical music and dance are all taught and practiced here. Sounds of chanting, temple bells and the cacophony of everyday life are never far away. Varanasi is home to the Benares Hindu University and has a long association with the study of Indic thought and Buddhist studies. The Ganges River, most sacred of Indian rivers, and a goddess in her own right, has been a place of worship, and pilgrimage for millennia.

Varanasi holds the hopes dreams, tears and prayers of the countless who have made pilgrimages here over the the ages. It’s palpable .

Pilgrims come from all over India to Varanasi to worship and bath in the Ganga. For many this is the trip of a life time.
India has a long tradition of pilgrimage, the atmosphere is festive and the ghats remain vehicle and shop free allowing peaceful walks as well as larger public prayers and ritual ceremonies.


Your week includes organised trips on the river to evening and morning prayers as well as private or small group use of the boats, and boatman, at any time throughout the week. The wide bodied sturdy wooden boats are a part of life on the ghats, the river runs slowly and the pace is never more than a meander.

Program Highlights

Scheduled transfers to and from Varanasi Airport on arrival and departure day are included in your package, You will be met and welcomed by us.

We will stay together in a peaceful, humble Ashram on the banks of the Ganges. The Ashram is light and spacious with common sitting and dining areas. Rooms, each with a bathroom, are simple, fresh and comfortable. The Ashram is beautifully maintained throughout.

We offer daily a sattvic breakfast, homemade curd fruit and tea.
Your program includes a welcome dinner and a Friday night party which includes a roof top dinner and a classical music and dance concert.

The week will formally commence with blessings and chants led by Brahmin priests. We will also participate in a traditional fire ceremony at our ashram temple.

Small group tours of the busy main ghat area and temples, at a very small additional cost paid to our guides and friends, Sandip and Vishnu, are available daily. By moving in a small group, and with our local friends, you will be taken into twisting lane ways deeper and deeper within the city, places of legends (that will be told ), temples high above the Ganges and tiny cave like shrines below.

Ayurveda consultations, remedies and massages are also available on request at an extra cost to the practitioner.