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Sunday Special Event Class

At Flametree Yoga Studio, Darwin

Sunday 6th October   1-3pm


YOGIC MINDFULNESS-The eight limbed path.  


 Most of us in the West are introduced to Yogic Mindfulness through the practice of Asanas(Physical Postures) But yogic mindfulness encompasses bringing our attention to watch our mind and reorientate it to observe all our activities both on and of the yoga mat.

“The practice of waking up the mind and body  and the practice of stilling the mind go hand in hand in what (was )described by Patanjali as the eight limb path. This path, known as Astanga Yoga(as -“eight”) tanga(“limbs”), involves the simultaneous practice of eight limbs, or branches”M Stone Inner Traditions of Yoga p44


 This Sunday Session aims to look at ‘The Eight Limb Path’. We will take a look at each of the eight limbs.The first two limbs the Yamas and Niyamas; the ethical and moral restraints are there to guide us in our yoga practice and in the way we go about  living and interacting with people and the world around us. We will also investigate the next two limbs Asana and Pranayama of which most of us are more familiar with, and then take a look at the other 4 limbs. Pratyahara(withdrawal of the senses)Dharana(Concentration) Dhyana(Meditation) and Samadhi(integration)

 Yoga is a practice where we learn to still the fluctuations in the mind.We are not trying to stop thinking, we are simply consciously seeking to wake up to appreciate that all our thoughts and actions have consequence. The eight limb path shows us how to see ourselves and how to move in the right direction to   live a healthier and happier life.

Regular class price of $21 for a casual class, or as a class using your ten-pass or direct debit packages. Presentation followed by a asana class, and Pranayama.
(This class happens once a month, with a different topic and / or teacher each month).