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Sunday Special Event Class

At Flametree Yoga Studio, Darwin.
Sunday 3rd February 1-3pm


Regular class price of $21 for a casual class, or as a class using your ten-pass or direct debit packages. Presentation followed by a posture class.
(This class happens once a month, with a different topic and / or teacher each month).

Topic for 3rd February Special Event class

The role of “Sequence” in Iyengar Yoga.

The sequence of postures in a class is a key factor that both gives you a range of customised outcomes, but also impacts your enjoyment of the class.

The same postures, taught in a different order, can give you a very different outcome from the class.

Sequence has an impact in terms of the various layers of the body (Kosas). These layers are physical layer, energy layer, mental / emotional layer, and the layer of intelligence.

One of the benefits of understanding sequence is that you know how to manage and design your own home practice… so as to give you optimal, pleasant and do-able results.

We will also deal with the different types of postures, so you understand what to incorporate, and when.

Understanding sequence will also help you appreciate what is happening in each class, go with the direction of what is happening, and sometimes persuade your reluctant self to hang in there because you have a better idea of what is coming, and what you are getting (even when you’d like to give up now!).