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Sunday Special Event Class

                                         At Flametree Yoga Studio, Darwin 

                               Sunday February 2nd    1-3pm


            Resolutions & Habits


At the start of each year many of us, make New Year`s resolutions. Studies suggest that of those of us who make resolutions only a very small percentage are successful in achieving their goals.

It turns out that both the ancient philosophy of yoga and modern discoveries in the field of neuroscience on human motivation have plenty to offer to help us understand how a New Year Resolution can become a lasting resolution.

The talk will look at the following:

How to sustain  resolutions

What is the role of willpower

What is the role of surrender- did you know that the root of the word ‘resolve’ means to “loosen” or “release”

We will look at the ancient philosophy of yoga, in particular the writings of Patanjali. In chapter 2 of the Yoga Sutras Patanjali termed the phrase “kryia yoga”to describe one way to maintain drive and interest as we journey towards self awareness and personal transformation.

Regular class price of $21 for a casual class, or as a class using your ten-pass or direct debit packages. Presentation followed by a asana class, and Pranayama.

(This class happens once a month, with a different topic and / or teacher each month).