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Yoga for Health


Yoga For Health classes are suitable for those who feel they may not be quite ready for the Beginners Course. Perhaps you are quite stiff or are recovering from an injury that limits your range of movement and your ability to hold yoga poses for very long.

They are also suitable for students who have done some yoga before but need to alter the way they do poses because of an injury or current issue. Pregnant women can attend these classes.

An individual sequence of postures is designed for you and modified overtime.

In order to attend these classes you need to book a 15 minute consultation with Chris Lalor, the Senior Teacher and Founder of Flametree Yoga. The consultation is free.

Your individual progress is carefully monitored by the two teachers (Chris and Richard) who supervise your practice.

Specialist and Unique Equipment

Flametree has a wide range of specialist equipment that the teachers use to help you. Just wear normal clothing that you would wear to exercise in.

You can only attend this class after a consultation with Chris.

Initially you cannot just book into these class online. Call Chris with any questions and make a time for your free 15 minute consultation.

Aim is to equip you to do normal yoga

The Yoga For Health program seeks to consolidate students understanding of how to work with their current limitations so that over time they gain the confidence to move into a regular Beginners classier to another level.

You can start the program at any time providing there is space available.

These two classes cannot be attended casually.

It is necessary to buy a 10 class Yoga For Health Pass . The pass will last a maximum of 12 weeks.

The reason is we want you to get the good results many have gotten from these classes.

To get results it takes steady, and normal weekly classes.

Fifty Plus Classes

Each week Flametree also has two Fifty Plus classes. These classes may also suit those who are stiffer.

The Beginner (Easy Restorative) class is also an option. It is part of our normal Beginner Course.

Yoga For Health: When, where and how.

Wednesday 11.30am -12.45pm. & Saturday 12.15pm -1.30pm

If you wish to come to one or both of these classes please contact Chris for a consultation. Call Chris 0448112251 m essay her on Facebook  or email chris@flametreeyogastudio.com.au

Buy 10 class pass via site below, or cash or EFTPOS at studio.

Existing Yoga For Health students may use a normal Flametree ten pass. All new students will need a Yoga For Health ten class pass via the buttons below.