Immune Strengthening Maximum Calm Non-Beginner Class

To stay healthy our immune system needs to be kept in balance.

If the immune system is too hostile it can kill us, but if not hostile enough, it cannot seek out foreign invaders.

If it can’t fight invaders effectively, it makes us vulnerable to malignant pathogens.

A yoga practice can help to strengthen your immune system and return it to a state of balance. We mean that balance between hostility and defensiveness.

In order for the immune system to do its job effectively it has to communicate with the nervous system, and the endocrine system, to determine what is a proper part of your own body, and what is foreign.

Yoga is very effective in helping us deal with stress. As human beings we are designed for survival and are programmed to deal with stress in the short term.

When in short term stress, adrenaline is pumped into the body, and the heart rate and blood pressure rise. The sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive and delivers energy to deal with the stress.

The immune system in this situation takes a back seat.

The problem comes when we are addicted to adrenaline, and working 24/7. We never take time to switch of the ‘fight or flight ‘ part of the autonomic nervous system, and switch on the rest and digest part of the nervous system. We need to switch on the rest and digest system in order to return the immune system to balance.

This is where your yoga can be so helpful. There are certain poses that will quieten your sympathetic nervous system, replenish your adrenal glands, and restore a calm feeling to your body, mind and breath.

This class will therefore introduce you to a whole range of poses that will calm your nervous system, restore energy and leave you feeling emotionally steady and refreshed.