Look out for 'MATES RATES' group discounts on our Beginner Course!

BEGINNERS: How to Book & Cancel Online Yoga Classes.

Buy a pass, then book a class.
BEGINNERS, this page is about booking each particular class, once you have a pass.
If you wish to attend Fifty Plus classes, please contact Chris Lalor. Contact her by message to Flametree on the Facebook Page, or [email protected] or by text or call to 0448 11 22 51.
(NON-BEGINNERS, the page below is for beginner yoga students. If you are a non-beginner, please book your classes via this link ).
Beginners, this link takes you to a page to buy a beginner pass .
Check out the page below if you just want to book a class (and you already have a pass).

Our complete current beginner timetable of yoga classes is below,starting from the start date of the beginner course.  Please book for any yoga class you do, at any level, including free classes. Once you book, the link for each online class will be sent to you.

Open a free Punchpass account to manage your Flametree yoga bookings

To manage your class bookings at Flametree, you’ll need to open a free account on Punchpass. Use the email that you use most, plus a password you’ll remember.  The Punchpass free account only needs to be opened once. After that, you use it to book whatever free or paid classes you come to at Flametree.

How to make or use your Punchpass account for bookings

  • If you haven’t booked a class before, click the ‘create account’ button and open your own free Punchpass
  • The links below all open immediately into Punchpass.
  • If you have an existing account, click ‘sign-in
  • Once you have created your account or signed in, you’ll see the button called “Schedule – list”.
  • Choose the class to book, and follow the prompts to reserve it.
  • If you want, there’s other tabs where you can see your bookings, and class history.

How to cancel classes

If you need to cancel a class, please see the box out on the right.

Please remember to cancel classes you can’t attend. We find classes are often booked out, but the “no shows” means there are spaces available. In the meantime, other students have missed out on using those spaces.

Have you completed your Medical Information / Health Form?

As a student of Flametree Yoga Studio, you are required to provide us with your Medical History. If you are new to Flametree Yoga or have not previously completed the form, please complete this confidential form here.

Not able to attend a class?

No problem…but please cancel the reservation so others can then attend.

There are 2 ways to cancel your reservation:
1) log into your Punchpass account below. In here you will see a list of your upcoming reservations. To cancel, simply select the ‘cancel’ option to the right of your class
2) Every time you make a reservation with Punchpass, you will receive an email confirmation. On this confirmation is a link to ‘click here to cancel this reservation’.