Chris Lalor

Chris`s yoga journey began in Melbourne 26 years ago when she went along to an Iyengar yoga class. After leaving her first class Chris recalls having a strong feeling that her life was about to change and that Iyengar yoga would be the driving force behind the changes. Since that first class Chris has been passionately involved with the practice of yoga. In 1997 Chris started to teach yoga in Darwin and in 2002 opened Flametree Yoga studio. Watching students use their yoga practice to unlock their full potential continues to give Chris an immense feeling of satisfaction. Chris trained for many years under Alan Goode (Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher) and still travels to India to study with the Iyengar family. Chris holds a JI 111 teaching certificate. Chris teaches Beginners, Transition , Intermediate and Experienced level students, conducts the Intensives, the Pranayama (breathing class)and runs the Teaching Training Programme. During the year Chris joins forces with Emmanuelle and together they run weekend workshops and the Bali retreat.

Emmanuelle Decoust

Emmanuelle has been practicing yoga for 29 years and teaching since 1992. She was the first teacher to introduce Iyengar Yoga to Darwin in 1992. Emmanuelle holds Iyengar Yoga Certification(JI 1) and returns to India regularly to study with the Iyengar family. Emmanuelle is passionate about the use of yoga to heal the body and quieten the mind and while in India assists in medical classes to further her knowledge of yoga therapy. Emmanuelle conducts the Yoga For Health classes, teaches Transition , Intermediate and Experienced class level classes . Emmanuelle also teaches at the annual Bali Retreat.

Belinda Quinlivian (Belinda Q)

Belinda is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Belinda holds Introductory Level 2 with the BKS Iyengar Association of Australia. Belinda completed her Teacher Training with Christine Lalor and is currently undertaking professional development with Christine Lalor. Belinda worked for 17 years as a massage therapist but now concentrates all her energies on teaching Iyengar Yoga at Flametree Yoga Studio. Belinda teaches in the Beginner programme, as well as teaching Transition to Intermediate Classes, Intermediate Classes and the Relax & Renew class on Friday evenings.

Belinda Hoult (Belinda H)

Belinda started dabbling in yoga in 2001 in Darwin and became more dedicated and serious about the practice as the years passed. As somebody who had always viewed herself as not a physically skilled person Belinda began to see, through her own home yoga practice and attending classes, the changes that could be made to provide ease and coordination in the body. Yoga also began to provide mental clarity and a sense of calm that is beginning to be translated into other areas of her life. Belinda is preparing for assessment in the Introductory Level 2 Certificate with the BKS Iyengar Association of Australia and is completing her Preliminary Teacher Training with Christine Lalor. Apart from teaching and practising yoga, Belinda works in education. Belinda teachers Beginners, Transition to Intermediate and Children's classes at Flametree Yoga Studio

Renae Moore

Renae first began to practice yoga in the 1990s in Melbourne attending a small yoga school in her local neighbourhood. She recalls how different she felt in both mind and body following these classes and was eager to continue attending no matter what the weather! Renae sought out yoga classes upon moving to Darwin in 1995 and continues to be amazed at what she discovers about herself ‘on the mat’. Through both attending classes and through her own home practice, she has found a sense of peace and clarity that continues to extend through all aspects of her life. Renae is undergoing Teaching Training with Christine Lalor and is preparing for Introductory Level 2 Certificate with BKS Iyengar Association Australia. In addition to teaching and practice Renae works in health. Renae teaches Beginner Courses and Transition to Intermediate classes at Flametree Yoga Studio.

Richard Mayhew

Richard has been practicing Iyengar Yoga for 24 years and has been a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher for 18 years. He's inspired by the benefits of Yoga practice, especially the profound effect it can have on an individuals health and well-being. He moved to Darwin from Broome where he was the director of Broome Yoga school for 10 years. During his time in Broome he was employed by Cable Beach Resort to teach Yoga to their guests. Another highlight was teaching Yoga to School children across the Kimberley region. There is a beautiful phrase that says “Yoga is life, life is Yoga”. His interpretation of Yoga is that when we integrate the framework of Yoga practice and philosophy into our daily life we discover a stable platform and this allows us to move through the joys and challenges of life with grace.

Mary O'Brien

Mary originally came to yoga looking to improve both her mental and physical health. Over many years of coming to classes Mary found that her practice of Iyengar Yoga helped her to feel fitter, stronger and more comfortable in her body. Mary also discovered that her regular practice provided her with great insight into who she really is. In 2015 Mary started Teacher Training with Chris Lalor in order to deepen further her understanding of yoga .When recently asked why she keeps practicing yoga her answer was that at one level ‘it enables me to feel whole – it helps to quieten my monkey mind , to connect my mind, body, and spirit’. But put simply ‘I feel better on the days I do yoga than on the days when I don`t.’

Cheryl Winstanley

Cheryl has been practising Iyengar Yoga for many years. Cheryl was attracted to the Iyengar method right from the start and started the Teacher Training Programme with Chris Lalor 3 years ago to further her interest and knowledge in Iyengar yoga In 2016 Cheryl started teaching a Transition to Intermediate class on a Sunday morning