Flametree Yoga Studio is located in Woolner, just 4 km from Darwin city centre. The studio was established in 2002 by Christine (Chris) Lalor and over the years has grown into a vibrant yoga centre offering a wide variety of classes to cater to a diverse range of people. The centre has 2 fully equipped studios of different sizes and we offer a 7 day a week timetable and a teacher training programme. The style of yoga taught at Flametree is called Iyengar yoga. It is style renowned for the fact that it can be practised by both men and women - at any age, any body shape and any level of flexibility.

All the teachers at the studio are passionately committed to teaching yoga and believe in the power of yoga to transform us wherever we are in our lives. All our teachers are long term practitioners, qualified through many years of specialist training to teach Iyengar yoga. We limit the numbers in all the Beginner courses to ensure individual needs are met. The studio offers a friendly learning environment where students can enter as a complete beginner and progress safely through to being an experienced student with an established home practice. We place great importance in teaching students how to adapt their yoga practice to the changing seasons in the 'Top End' so it helps them nourish and energise their bodies, quieten and soothe their minds and restore balance

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