Student Reflections 2017

Speak up ... don't give up

I have a mental illness known as major depression and have long been aware that exercise is touted as an effective antidote, but I was never able to stick at anything, until I found yoga. I do not know why yoga appeals so much. Perhaps it is because I can be in my own space in a room full of people and I have so many things on which to concentrate that I have no time for depressing thoughts.

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Starting Iyengar at Flametree : Gary

My Friend Gary came out from Sth Korea to work in Darwin January- June 2017. Here is what he wrote about starting IYENGAR YOGA at Flametree Yoga Studio – Chris, Principal Teacher Flametree Yoga Studio.

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How yoga taught me patience : Sam Parisi

I had always been the type of person going from one activity to the next. I thought that a good run, or game of sport meant that I had worked out. And really, what did it matter if I couldn’t touch my toes? Or, even after trying to stretch, my hamstrings were still really tight? But seriously, no matter how damn hard I tried I couldn’t bend forward without feeling my concrete hamstrings and that was that. There it was – the very clear source of my lower back pain. I was intrigued by yoga, but just hadn’t had the time to try it, I wanted my exercise of choice to keep me in shape. To my uninitiated self, yoga was perceived simply as a method of stretching and meditating. Oh how wrong I was!

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