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Yoga Medley Xmas Intensive


Yoga Medley Xmas Intensive



9-11 am, 26th-29th December
with Chris Lalor & Richard Mayhew

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Four day medley

  • Day 1: Restorative & ways to “hang”, plus use ropes
  • Day 2: Inversions & alternatives to them
  • Day 3: Backbends, with focus on chest opening
  • Day 4: Pranayama (including chants) for vagal tone.

How a yoga medley will help you

A yoga practice, including a yoga practice at home, requires you to work across a broad spectrum of poses. That’s what is best for a deeper understanding of yourself.

We also all spend too much time just doing poses we like. This can lead to under-development in some areas, or a failure to realise your full potential, or that you miss some of the major benefits of yoga.

The four day medley of yoga skills will help give you a balance across all areas.

We will ease into the Medley with Day One having an emphasis on restorative poses, as well as the many ways to use the ropes for hanging.

Ropes are one of the easier ways to get all the benefits of inversions, in situations where your strength may not otherwise allow.

Poses around themes of 2019

Among other things, there will be discussion about the many popular themes we have raised in Facebook posts during 2019.

It will include topics covered by Chris’ presentations at the monthly Special Event class, such as building vagal tone, working towards the 8 limbs of yoga, tapas, and different yoga for different seasons of weather.

There’ll also be commentary on how various poses are useful for particular challenges faced by men and women as a result of their physiology.

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