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Knee & Hip Workshop (29 Feb)


Knee & Hip Workshop (29 Feb)



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Saturday 29 February 2020
with Renae Moore & Belinda Hoult

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Knee issues are not usually just about your knee.

Hip tightness will also affect knees.

A tight outer tibia band (down the outside of your leg), will also create issues.

If you hadn’t noticed, your knee is the most mobile part of your body.

So we have to be especially careful regarding the alignment of the knee.

This is all part of the backdrop to this workshop, and to the problems that the workshop will address.

It’s also why we’ll discuss some of the posture modifications that can be used.

The poses taught will be about strengthening all key areas that support knees, lengthening the inner thighs, how to work with compression in the knee joint, and more. There will also be hip opening poses, given the direct connection with knee issues.

Learn more about the Hip Workshop on 29 Feb 2020, here.

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