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Free 2 Week Yoga Trial Online & Offline

$0.00 for 2 weeks

Free 2 Week Yoga Trial Online & Offline

$0.00 for 2 weeks

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In these challenging times, everyone needs the physical and mental fitness that yoga will create.

You get two weeks of yoga for free with no credit card needed. It’s available if you’ve never been to online or offline yoga at Flametree, or not been (online or offline) since 22 March 2020.

You can do the free yoga online or offline, or a combination of both.

You get two weeks from the day you start. If we get too busy, we may need to stop the offer for those who have not started… so we encourage you to get started while the offer is still available.

The offer is for an unlimited mix of classes. Come to as many classes as you like, and even more than once a day if you want.

You just have to reserve the online or offline classes, via the link we’ll send you.

You’ll need to book classes, whether online or offline. The online booking gets you an email with the link to join the class. The offline booking is required by the Health Department, so we have correct social distancing in each class.

You get high quality, live yoga, with a different sequence of poses at every class. It keeps your attention, gives you alternatives that work for you, and never gets boring! The set class times keep you regular.

For example, on Fridays, many come to breath meditation (pranayama) in the morning, and then Restorative Yoga in the late afternoon.

With the free two weeks, depending on your level of yoga skills, you get access to any mix of 35 classes a week. The timetables are below, or here: https://flametreeyogastudio.com.au/

There’s no need for you to have ever done yoga at Flametree before. If you want to get started, or re-started, just get in touch with us now.

At least for your first few free classes, choose one of our 5 levels that is at your level of yoga skills…any of beginner, Transition, Intermediate, Experienced, or Advanced. (Choosing the right skill level is fair to other students, as you can otherwise cause too much interruption to their class.)

The beginner level can be joined at any time… as can any other level.

To get started with your FREE 2 weeks of unlimited online and offline classes, just contact Flametree by Messenger (from our Facebook Page), email to chris@flametreeyogastudio.com.au or phone or text +61 448 11 22 51.

Tell us your name, email, and whether you will be doing beginner or non-beginner classes.

You’ll get a 2-week unlimited pass to reserve classes on our booking app called Punchpass.

Please act now so you get all of the available 14 days of free yoga. See you soon.