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Women Only Yoga Xmas Intensive


Women Only Yoga Xmas Intensive



9-11am, 2nd, 3rd & 4th of January 2020
with Chris Lalor & Renae Moore

Note special discounts are available for existing customers on direct debit. Information on these prices are available here.

The Women Only classes at Flametree are some of our most popular classes.

For those who have already been to some of these classes, the 2020 Intensive will add new material, and give you the opportunity to go into more depth about some of what you may have already learnt and practised.

For those who have not yet done any Women Only classes, you will be given a rapid update on key topics, and you’ll be able to work together with those who are already enthusiastic students in this important area of yoga.

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • Immune system postures.
  • Role of sleep, and postures to enhance it for your brain!
  • Importance of balance poses for women.
  • Adrenal glands. Why they are critical & having them perform for you.
  • Maintaining the utmost energy with the least stress.
  • Breast care postures.
  • Reducing anxiety and / or depression.
  • Role of inversions.
  • Chest opening for heart and more.

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