Notice Board

  • Bali Retreat 2018 +

    Details of our Bali Retreat for 2018 will be available here shortly. .

  • Course Start Dates - 2017 +

    Course Start Dates 2017: Next 6 week Course for Beginners will start Monday 14th August and the one after that on Monday 25th September 2017.

  • Invocation to Patanjali +

    Click on the Invocation button to listen to or download (and unzip) the Invocation to Patanjali sung by Flametree yoga students.

  • September Workshop : Deepen Your Understanding of Yoga +

    Designed to deepen your understanding of yoga Monday 18th, Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd September 6.00-7.25am. COST $60. Bookings Essential.

  • Womens Workshop - Topic 1 +

    How to use Yoga to help with Pre-Menstrual Tension and Menstruation

    Saturday 30th September 4.00-6.00pm This workshop will look at delivering some Simple Sequences that you can practice at home to help restore balance to the physical body and calm the emotions in this most stressful time of every month.

    It will also provide advice and Sequences to help with issues around menstruation


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