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A fast, guided way to start pranayama breath meditation

So long as you have 3 months of yoga

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Get $20 off the easy, 3-class Breath Meditation Introduction, & then 10 FREE classes. The Introduction is taught by Flametree Studio either online, in Woolner (near Winnellie, Darwin). After, use the 10 free follow-up classes at any of our ongoing twice weekly pranayama classes.

To start right now, those who are newcomers to Flametree, who have 3 months of yoga, can use our half price 10 class pass deals. These can be used for either pranayama breath meditation, or yoga, or both. (At such classes, please keep your camera on, so the teacher can give help).

Or, non-beginner newcomers can use our half price 10 class pass at NON-beginner level.

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Via the Breath Meditation Introduction (mini course), get all this:

At the Yoga Beginners Introduction, in 2 short one and a half hour classes, you get:

  1. Three daily. one hour, classes over King’s Birthday long weekend (June 10-12), LIVE online or in-studio.
  2. Classes will cover key pranayama techniques like Ujjayi, Viloma, Bhramari, Nadi Shodhana
  3. Training in additional pranyama techniques not yet taught in this mini course before
  4. Free access to videos of a similar, recent breathwork course (available after course)
  5. Plus 10 FREE pranayama classes (only for those who’ve not done this course before).
  6. Practise at actually doing these pranayama techniques, with personalised coaching & tips.

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Pranayama Breath Meditation Mini Course, With 10 FREE Follow-Up Classes

  • Get a 3 class mini course Breath Meditation Introduction.
  • The Introduction is normally $59 at the early bird rate, or $69 after that.
  • Email us to get a discount coupon to buy the classes at $20 off either price.

With $20 off, you get a total of 13 classes, for just $3 each ($39 in total).

Best of all, you’ll start to get the many benefits of breath meditation (also known as mindful meditation).

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Flametree Yoga Breath Meditation Introduction.

The 3 class Breath Meditation Introduction is taught by Senior Yoga Teacher, Chris Lalor.

With Chris, you’re getting the benefit of her 12,000 hours of training as a teacher, plus her 25 years of experience as a teacher.

Classes are in-studio at 19 Bishop Street, Woolner, NT (see location here) or LIVE online via Zoom.

Once you’ve done the Introduction, you can also go to any of the twice weekly pranayama breath meditation classes at Flametree in Woolner, or online.

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You only need ONE pass per person.

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Some major benefits students get from breath meditation

A review of scientific studies of the benefits of meditation found very positive benefits in relation to:

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

High Blood Pressure


Insomnia and Sleep Quality

Substance Use Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Weight Control and Eating Behaviour

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

In addition, Stuart’s story tells his own observations about the many benefits of meditation for him.

So, try the 3-class yoga Introduction, & even 10 extra free classes.

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breathwork training

At the Pranayama Breath Meditation Introduction, you’ll learn key meditation techniques that all can do. 

Other students recommend Flametree Yoga Breath Meditation

“Initially, I attended yoga fitness at Flametree studio. Then, when I moved, I went to their online yoga.
Flametree Yoga changed my life.
It’s all about the quality of instruction from the teachers, their training and understanding, and how they pass that on.
Their teachers have helped me to practise yoga & pranayama, and gain a better understanding of my body, how it moves, and how I can improve it.
As well, I now also have a quieter mind to help me deal with life in general.
Thanks 🙏🏻to all the teachers and students at Flametree.” (Gillian Sanders).
“Flametree Yoga Darwin has wonderful teachers.
So, I am grateful for their knowledge sharing, and caring of everyone who attends their classes.
I love Flametree.” (Kerry).
“… my yoga poses may not be perfect, but they show progress, as well as toned muscles, slightly more flexible joints, and amazing balance.
Maybe best of all, my yoga gives me a sense of achievement and optimism.
(Dr Dave Chapman)

Plus, see other very positive reviews of our Flametree Yoga Darwin region classes.

So, please get started by using the box above to email us for the Introduction discount code.


Meditate either lying down, or in a chair. It’s suitable for all ages, sizes and genders. Try it.

FAQs about the Mindfulness Meditation Introduction

Do I get both all 3 classes for $39 (or $49 after early bird expires)?

Yes, with the discount, each Introductory class is just $13.

What do I wear?

Just wear comfy, casual, sports clothes. Nothing special needed.

Do I bring a mat?

All mats and props are supplied in the studio. Just bring 2 thick towels.

If online, please have 2 blankets, & 2 thick towels for under your head. If you want, see more detail about yoga props. 

Will there be any difficult poses or shapes?

No, you’ll just be lying or sitting in a chair.

Am I too old?

Almost nobody is too old for mindfulness meditation.

I can’t reserve a yoga class?

Just buy the pass via our online shopping process above. 

Then, email us to say you’re coming. We’ll reserve the place for you.

If needed, see other FAQs, and online driving maps of our locations.

mindfulness meditation classes

Around a third of Flametree’s classes are men. 

Get $20 off mini course at Flametree Yoga, & 10 free classes in Darwin & online.
Top mindfulness meditation classes deal.
This great start to your yoga journey is brought to you by Flametree Yoga Darwin NT, 
in association with yoga classes by Flametree Yoga Palmerston NT, and Flametree Yoga Casuarina NT.