Yoga Video playback access

To get playback yoga classes, you first have to buy a playback package. They are currently these packages, depending on what suits you.

Once your FT package that includes Playback access, here’s how to use and access it.

How to access your playback videos on FT site

  1. Buy the Flametree package that has the playback package that you want.
  2. You’ll get an email to confirm your purchase.
  3. The email will say you can view more details about your membership from YOUR ACCOUNT on the Flametree site.
  4. Follow the link to “Your Account
  5. In your account, you’ll see the list of playback videos you have subscribed for.
  6. You can sort them based on options such as “Experienced” or “Intermediate”.

Accessing your videos as you need them

  • After the first occasion, when you want to access your videos, go to the Dropdown menu in the top right of the Flametree site.
  • In the Dropdown menu, select “Yoga Class Playback Videos (On Demand)
Find videos on demand