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Yoga deals for employees

Yoga builds productivity, calmness and stamina.

It has a track record of helping with stress, sleep, back pain, anxiety, stiffness, energy, and more.

Yoga addresses such issues via postures that target 8 major glands in the body.

For these reasons, studies assembled by Dr McCall, a medical doctor, have shown that yoga helps with over 100 medical conditions.

An employer will also generate some degree of goodwill and staff retention via the right remuneration package (such as including free or subsidised yoga).

Yoga is popular, and has been continuing to grow in popularity around the world for many years.

Two good value packages for organisations

Flametree offers two good value options for employers to provide yoga to their staff, or to subsidise its provision:

Option 1

Employer buys beginner yoga courses at Flametree at the corporate rate of $59 per person for a 5-week course (minimum of ten employees… at $590 per ten employees). Employees can come to an unlimited mix of any of many beginner classes a week, as per this timetable. The $59 price is reduced from the $89 paid by the public. The 11 beginner classes a week include an unlimited choice or mix of yoga class styles, being Basic Poses, Dynamic Focus, Women Only, Fifty Plus, Easy Restorative, Backcare Focus or Youth Focus (for children but with parents participating if they wish).

Buy ten or more passes together, at a very very low $59 each (reduced from $89).

To get these rates, just use the buy button below. When you insert the number of beginner courses you want, the total price will adjust to give you the relevant rate.

Option 2

Employer provides a room for yoga at an agreed time at their site, for in-house yoga, and buys yoga props that are stored at their site (approximately $70 per each person who participates, but such props can be re-used by others at a later time). Flametree provides a teacher who runs Flametree’s 5-week beginner course for between 5 to 30 people. Employees can join the course for the first 2 weeks of each course. Employees can also come to any number of Flametree’s many beginner classes a week at any of our CBD, Woolner or Palmerston studios. (We prefer if our beginner students can also come to your venue for that class if space is available, and we build the class into our timetable in this regard. This helps ensure your class has consistent numbers where employees get the incentive of working in a group with an appropriate amount of peer group pressure. It can also bring other customers to your business). Flametree provides a trained yoga teacher for one hour each week, for $150 a week, paid in advance per five-week course (IE $750 per course).

Obviously, an employer could offset any of the above costs by having an employee contribution (or sharing the cost between the employer and employee).

To discuss, contact Stuart on 0468 362 641, or Chris on 0448 11 22 51.

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