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Iyengar yoga & accreditation

Iyengar Yoga teachers are among the most highly qualified teachers in the world. In order to gain certification Iyengar Teacher trainees undergo a rigorous training programme over a minimum of 3 years. Once they are qualified it is a condition of keeping the Iyengar name that each teacher upgrades their knowledge by attending professional development sessions each year. Both Chris Richard and Margi are fully certified Iyengar Yoga teachers.

Yoga is a very ancient discipline designed to promote self-awareness. It is known to have originated in India, some 5 thousand years ago. Yoga appeared in the west towards the end of the nineteenth century. From humble beginnings yoga has grown to be very widely practiced throughout the world by people from all walks of life.

Yoga has stood the test of time because it is a discipline able to speak to every aspect of the human condition. Yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques talk to our bodies, our minds and our souls. Indeed the very word “yoga” means union, uniting body mind and soul for health and fulfillment.

A yoga practice strengthens and invigorates all the bodies systems,removing toxins and stimulating circulation,toning the muscles ,leaving you feeling strong healthy and more flexible.On the mental and emotional level yoga aids concentration,steadies the emotions and calms the mind. On a deeper level the practice of yoga brings self-awareness leading one towards inner peace

Yoga is suitable for everyone. You don`t have to be young , fit and flexible to begin. Everyone can benefit , men and women of all ages, all sizes can attain benefit from yoga, you simply have to begin, start to practice, and then continue to practice.

Iyengar Yoga is a dynamic practice that uses the body to approach and understand the mind. The body is trained to become an instrument for meditation. Through the practice one learns how to steady and quieten the mind to bring it to a place of stillness. The beauty of the Iyengar method is to be found in the systematic way it trains yoga practitioners to experience and understand themselves no matter where they are at.

In Iyengar yoga a Beginner is first introduced to their physical body via a series of standing poses (asanas). They are asked to feel themselves at the level of the muscles , bones , ligaments. In the standing poses they learn the basics of alignment and learn how to use props(supports like blocks , chairs, wall ropes) to help access parts of their body that may be difficult initially due to stiffness or injury.With regular, disciplined practice Iyengar yoga students find they develop physical strength, stamina, flexibility and co-ordination.

Iyengar Yoga students discover through practising yoga poses that there exists a the link between breath , mind and emotions . They begin to experience that yoga postures enhance not only their physical health but help to bring clarity and steadiness to their mind and emotions.

Many seek out Iyengar yoga because of the high reputation The Late BKS.Iyengar and his daughter Dr Geeta Iyengar have in the world of remedial yoga. Many people who initially come to yoga suffering from a wide variety of disorders, like back and neck pain, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and digestive disorders to name a few, find with a regular yoga practice they are able to manage their condition and find relief.

We sell a wide range of Yoga Props at the studio to support your home practice

About levels

Yes on average most students have been practising yoga for quite a few years.

If you have done yoga for years so are not a Beginner but you have not done Iyengar Yoga before It is best to phone the studio and discuss your situation with a teacher before deciding which course to do.

Yes you can. It is a good idea to discuss with your teacher and they will tell you if you are ready.

Most students find the Intermediate Level quite a big jump from Beginners. It is for this reason we have a transition level to help you become both stronger in the standing poses and give you greater understanding of how to work with your body. We also teach preparation for the other inversions, like head stand in the transition classes .

Yes no problem We teach Iyengar yoga and this method is particularly well suited for all different body types.

If you have not done any yoga before you have to join a Beginners Course. If you have done the odd bit here and there you should also join a Beginners Course.

We believe a 4 week course gives a new student a very good grounding in the basics of Iyengar yoga. We offer many classes during a week so students get to attend 3-4 or more classes a week. You are taught correct actions and each week you refesh your understanding from the previous week, and then learn new poses so over the 4 weeks you get a very thorough understanding of how to work with your body in a safe way. Many people come to yoga who are quite unfit, who are stressed and have injuries or have areas of their body that are very dull and unused. It takes time to see your habits and realise that it is possible to change the way you act and think. Over 4 weeks changes do start to happen and this gives you confidence to continue so you can become happier and healthier.

We believe it gives you enough time at the the start of the class to unwind from your everyday work and activities so that you can then start the class with a quieter mind. We also feel the time allows you to repeat poses so that you have the time to both strengthen your body and reflect on the way you are doing the pose. At the end of each class there is the time for a long relaxation segment which further helps to leave you feeling both re-energized as well as restored and refreshed. We do understand that everyone has lots of commitments and time is precious but the one and a half hour yoga class gives you back bundles of energy to then go about your daily life.


Yes you must advise your teacher. It is important for your health to honour the changes that take place in your body once a month. You will be given alternative poses where necessary to help you during that time of the month.

Yes you can, but you must advise your teacher immediately.

No. Only students who are already attending Flametree can continue classes.

Injuries & medical conditions

Please ring us straight away. We will advise you then and direct you depending on your situation.

Yes. If you are having regular treatments, for example with a physio, please tell your teacher. Issues around surgery/blood pressure, changed medical conditions etc. you need to keep your teacher informed.


There are many classes at the Beginner level. You can book online to suit your shift . You can change days and time. If at all unsure if there will be space please ring us or send us an email and we will direct you to a class where there is room.

Yoga is a practice. So yes you do need to set aside time a time to practice. We provide practise sheets at the Beginner and Intermediate levels that will help you to sequence your practice.

Yes you can because the poses in Iyengar Yoga can be modified through the use of props, to help cool the body and restore your energy. All the teachers at Flametree know how to adjust each class to take into account the effects of weather so that no matter what the season each yoga practice will bring balance to the body and steady and calm the mind.

Question not answered?

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