Do You Suffer From Insomnia? Yoga really can help you get to sleep.

…. ….Routinely sleeping less than six or seven hours a night demolishes the immune system, more than doubling the risk of CANCER.Insufficient sleep is a key lifestyle factor determining whether or not ALZHEIMER’S disease will develop. Inadequate sleep—even moderate reductions for just one week—disrupts blood sugar levels so profoundly that it would be classified as PRE-DIABETIC. Short […]

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Bored, Frustrated,Angry!

Yoga pose - chest opening Richard

When I first came to Darwin… some 25 years ago… I used to get frustrated and bored at times.At other times, I’d get a bit depressed… and at other times… ANGRY!As a teenager, I used to surf. It was a wonderful way to spend time and my huge energy. All that paddling around, and the exhilarating […]

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